What is the Linguistics Club?

Linguistics Club is a student-run club open to anyone who is interested in linguistic topics! We talk about a different linguistic topic every week, play related games, and are currently in the process of making our own CU-themed Conlang. The club is a great way to meet people, and to talk about linguistics even without any experience in the field. Meetings are weekly on Mondays at 6:00-7:30pm in the Lucile Berkeley Buchanan building, room 143. Everyone is also invited to join our discord server here, even if they can't make it to meetings! We hope to see you there!

The Ling Club officers for the 2023-2024 year are El Hayes (CU Conlang Officer), Solán Wheeler (President), Jake Burton (Vice-President), Riley Carroll (Treasurer), Olivia Bahr (Discord Officer), and Tessa Moskoff (Communications Officer).

ling club officers 23-24

Top row, left to right:

El Hays (they/them)
CU Conlang Officer
I'm a sophomore linguistics major interested in second language acquisition and language revitalization. In addition, I study Mandarin Chinese.

Solán Wheeler (he/him/his)
I’m a sophomore linguistics major, happy to explore linguistics as a whole. However, I’m particularly interested in historical linguistics, language revitalization and the intersection of the field with artificial intelligence, among other parts.

Jake Burton (he/him)
Vice president
I’m a sophomore linguistics major with a minor in Japanese. I’m passionate about language structure and acquisition and I’m taking the computational track in linguistics.

Riley Carroll (she/her)
I’m a sophomore linguistics major interested in sociolinguistics. I’m also minoring in Spanish.

Bottom row, left to right:

Olivia Bahr (she/her)
Discord Officer
I'm a junior Linguistics major with a computer science minor. I'm passionate about all areas of linguistics but am specifically interested in computational linguistics and pragmatics.
I run the discord server for the Linguistics Club and am helping to manage the creation of the CU Boulder conlang!

Tessa Moskoff (she/her)
Communications Officer
I'm a sophomore double majoring in neuroscience and linguistics with a particular interest in psycholinguistics. I'm currently doing research related to child-directed speech, and am generally interested in all linguistics-related things.