Build your own linguistic workspace

In addition to the general Linguistics major, the Linguistics department offers four specialized major tracks for undergraduates. These tracks will allow students to tailor their major coursework to better reflect their specific interest(s) within the field of linguistics. Concentrated training within a specific sub-field of the discipline will provide students with the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to pursue specific careers within the field of linguistics. In addition, it will provide a foundation for pursuing a focused area of study for those who continue onto graduate school. 

Students can declare a LING major track (also known as a subplan) as of Fall 2020.  To declare a track, email your request to the academic advisor for Linguistics, Raphael Angoulvant. The request should include your 9-digit student ID number and desired track. Completion of any of these tracks will be notated on your undergraduate transcript.

A student giving a presentation