Hellems building on campusContact Information

Department of Linguistics
Lucille Berkeley Buchanan 104/114
295 UCB
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0295

Fax: (303) 492-4416
Main office phone: (303) 492-8456
Email: linguist@colorado.edu

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Getting to the CU Linguistics Department

The Linguistics department is located in the Lucille Berkeley Buchanan building on the west side of campus, not far from the University Memorial Center (UMC). If you are traveling to campus by bus (e.g., the SKIP bus, which runs up and down Broadway), get off at the Broadway and Euclid stop. If you are traveling by car, consult this list of short-term pay parking sites


Name Position Office Email
Laura Michaelis Cummings Chair LBB 120 Laura.Michaelis@colorado.edu
Linda Park  Manager of Finance and Business Operations LBB 114 linda.park@colorado.edu
Ethan McGinnis Education Program Assistant  LBB 104 Ethan.McGinnis@colorado.edu

Undergraduate Program

Name Position Office Email
General Information LBB 104/114 linguist@colorado.edu
Raphael Angoulvant Undergraduate Advisor University Club 215


Kira Hall Associate Undergraduate Chair LBB 436 Kira.Hall@colorado.edu
Raichle Farrelly TESOL Certificate Director LLB 113 Rai.Farrelly@colorado.edu 
Ethan McGinnis Education Program Assistant  LBB 104


Graduate Program

Name Position Office Email
Information and Application Guidance LBB 104/114 linguist@colorado.edu
Rebecca Scarborough Assoc. Graduate Chair & Graduate Advisor LBB 142 Rebecca.Scarborough@colorado.edu
Ethan McGinnis Education Program Assistant LBB 104 Ethan.McGinnis@colorado.edu