As a LING major, you will receive the Arts and Sciences four-year graduation guarantee if you follow the plan outlined below. Declare the major by the second semester of your freshman year. Start your required language study (unless this requirement is waived) by the beginning of the sophomore year and continue it without interruption.

  • Complete LING 2000 and either LING 1000 or LING 2400 by the end of the sophomore year.
  • Take either LING 3430 or LING 4420 during the fall of the junior year.
  • Take LING 3100 and an upper-division LING elective in the spring of the junior year.
  • Take the remaining required course and an elective in the fall of the senior year, and the remaining electives in the spring of the senior year.

Students whose preparation in grammar is weak should take LING 1500: Understanding Grammar prior to enrolling in LING 2000. Note that LING 1500 does not count towards the 30 total credit hours needed for the major.