If you are passionate about linguistics and an independent thinker, the Honors program offers you the opportunity to pursue your own research questions about language. In order to receive Honors, you must write a thesis under the supervision of a faculty advisor, who chairs your thesis committee. Those who successfully complete the Honors program receive a BA degree that includes the designation cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude. The Honors committee determines the level of Honors that you will receive based on the recommendation made by your Honors thesis committee. In making this recommendation, your thesis committee will take into account your overall GPA, your achievement in the major and the quality of your thesis.  

The Linguistics faculty strong encourages academically prepared students to pursue Honors. Learn about the Honors process by contacting the Honors Program office and LING Honors Council representative, Prof. J Calder. Check out Writing an Honors Thesis for detailed information about writing an undergraduate Honors thesis in Linguistics.