The students authoring these blogs were each awarded a 2021 Linguistics Undergraduate Research Award (LURA 2021) for innovative work in a linguistics course at CU Boulder. Students in introductory as well as advanced courses were considered for the award. Nominated by faculty, GPTIs, and TAs, award winners were asked to create a short blog about their research. This project was supported by the ASSETT Faculty Fellows Program.

German text

Die Zusammenhangsform – A Case for Dependency

Germans are pragmatic… linguistically. Name: Kelton Jay Hevelone Course: Semantics (LING3430) Advisor/Professor: Dr. Zygmunt Frajzyngier... Read more
A group of students in Tanzania

Education Language Planning in Tanzania: A Complex Balance of Cultural Considerations

Educational language policies in Tanzania have responded to a complex web of often-contradictory pressures throughout... Read more
Details of the curriculum

Learning English in the Context of Educational (In)Equality

In the United States, there is a lot of variance concerning quality of education, and... Read more
A language map of Switzerland

Language Policy in Action: A Swiss Study

Language serves those who use it, so who controls the language of an entire country?... Read more
A picture of a dictionary

Number Agreement of the Copula in English

Linguists and students alike are taught that the verb agrees with the subject, but is... Read more
Protesters and police

Exploring Protest Movements & Black Lives Matter - An L2 Oral Skills Course

Black. Lives. Matter. Author: Ella Steckler Course: LING 4260 - L2 Oral Skills Advisor/Professor: Raichle... Read more
Korean word cloud

Choosing Verb Markers in Korean

How do language features such as formality and honorifics affect the use of a given... Read more
Japanese immigrants

America’s War on Japanese Heritage Education

How have ideologies about language in the US led to the suppression of Japanese heritage... Read more
Meme: "One does not simply yeet"

To Yeet or Not to Yeet?: African American Slang Beyond Vine

The combination of language and gesture in yeet Vines may help us understand how African... Read more
A screen shot from an ASMR video shot from an ASMR video

Digital Intimacy in ASMR Videos on YouTube

Can YouTube videos be intimate? Alexis Schlagenhauf Language In Digital Media (LING 3800) Advisor: Dr... Read more
People entering a train station

The Linguistic Struggles of Adult Refugee Students

Is the U.S. truly the Linguistic melting pot it claims to be? Abigail Renfrow LING... Read more
A social media image

How Does the Internet Impact Your Stance?

Digital platforms have turned stance into a polarizing practice that goes beyond normal stancetaking. By:... Read more
A postcard from WW2

History of Yiddish in American English

My family’s immigration and the integration of Yiddish into American English. Drew Brian Frank LING... Read more
A tweet about anti-asian hate

Let’s Unpack: Sinophobia

Discussing Sinophobic and anti-China rhetoric throughout American history, in current media and politics, as well... Read more
A graphic with the words in and at

In School, but At Home: the Difference in Meaning

What semantic features distinguish in from at and lead a speaker to choose one preposition... Read more
Child refugees

Exploring the Refugee Experience through ESL Pedagogy

For a long time, welcoming refugees was an important part of America’s legacy. Sami McKinsey... Read more
A photo of BTS

Language Based Xenophobia in America’s Response to Rising Kpop Popularity

America’s long history of xenophobic treatment of languages other than English is visible in the... Read more
A collection of political icons

“Tik Tok on the Clock:” A Political Shock

Did you know that Tik Tok could be a politically charged platform full of ethical... Read more
A newspaper headline

Smuggling Opinions into your Mind

How do news headlines manipulate readers without them even knowing? Olivia Berry LING 4100 -... Read more
Donald Trump as a cheeto

Tr*mp: Creative Nicknaming on Twitter

Why do Trump-critical Twitter users routinely avoid using his name? Noah Prior LING 3800: Language... Read more
Deaf people using sign language

A Double-Edged Sword: The Standard Language Ideology at Work in the Deaf Community

How does the successful legitimization of ASL as a language exemplify the standard language ideology?... Read more
A cow and rhino

How Language Impacts How We Treat Animals

Do you ever wonder what has gone into the decision of what animals we eat... Read more
A word cloud of slang

Are You In or Out? The Duality of Slang

Teenybopper, chad, buppies, sugar mama, wigger . These are just a few of the many... Read more
Black and white photos of Trump and Biden

Challenging the Twitter President

How did the democratic nominee Joe Biden find a way to challenge Trump’s Twitter reign... Read more