The students authoring these blogs were each awarded a 2019 Linguistics Undergraduate Research Award (LURA 2019) for innovative work in a linguistics course at CU Boulder. Students in introductory as well as advanced courses were considered for the award. Nominated by faculty, GPTIs, and TAs, award winners were asked to create a short blog about their research. This project was supported by the ASSETT Faculty Fellows Program.


Game of Linguistics

How did the biggest franchise in TV use linguistics to create a new universe? By... Read more
freddie and rami

Vowel Quality in Bohemian Rhapsody: Freddie Mercury vs. Rami Malek

An actor charged with the job of believably capturing another person's idiolect is undertaking something... Read more
he cold

Doing Me an Educate: An Overview of Meme Linguistics

Little scholarly research exists on the way language is used in memes, so we took... Read more

Mother-Child Interaction: How Visual Access Affects Repair in Conversation

How do blind children learn to use language conversationally as it is used by sighted... Read more

Oh and Uh and How Mine Changed

What happens to speakers with Indiana accents when they move to Colorado? By Timothy Meier... Read more

Living Between Genders

So you talk like a girl, look like a girl, act like a girl. You're... Read more

Gaydar—Sending Mixed Signals

Gaydar is a reified skill that confirms the existence of a gay speech community, but... Read more
people talking

Patterns of Language Acquisition in Native Hindi Speakers

Children often pick up a language and learn different elements of grammar in a predictable... Read more
romani title

How Migration has Evolved the Romani Language

The study of Roma migration is essential for understanding the grammatical and lexical structure of... Read more

A Child's Acquisition of Polysemy: "of", "with", and "by" in Child English

How do children learn words without "seeing" them in the real world? By Megan Pielke... Read more

An Inside Guide to Everyday Text Talk: The Evolution of 'LOL'

Since when did ‘LOL’ become so not funny? By Tansee Mcreynolds Course: Language, Gender, and... Read more
pred calc

Quantifier Scope Ambiguity in English and Turkish

Here's something you may not have realized about language. Sometimes a sentence can be ambiguous,... Read more

Canadian Hick Masculinity

Well, pitter patter let's get at'er. By Kelton Jay Hevelone Course: Language, Gender, and Sexuality... Read more
two sheeps

Should U Rly Be Txtng Ur S/O?

The language of texting may be taking romantic relationships into risky territory. By Anya Berlova... Read more
catcalling title

Catcalling and Politeness Theory

¡Qué curvas y yo sin frenos! By Camila Soffia Course: Language in US Society (Ling... Read more
hands and phones

Internet English and the Evolution of Grammar

Internet English is an emerging language system whose rapid development and complexity has implications for... Read more