All CU Boulder Students: Health Insurance & Immunization Requirements

All students attending CU Boulder are required to have health insurance every semester of their program.

  • Students may elect coverage through an individual health insurance plan, through a family member or employer, or the university’s Student Gold Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).
  • Information about selecting or waiving university health insurance coverage is on the Health and Wellness Services website.
    • EXCHANGE STUDENTS: You do not need to waive the CU Insurance. You are exempt from the requirement to submit proof of insurance to Health Services. You are required to submit proof of insurance coverage to ISSS along with other required information and documents when you complete the Immigration Check-In Form after arriving in the U.S.  

CU Health Insurance Requirement

If you are new to health insurance at CU or to health insurance in general within the United States, make sure to review the following presentation for information on CU insurance plans, coverage, and definitions for common terminology in the U.S. Health system.

Health & Wellness Insurance Information Presentation

Colorado law requires anyone enrolled for one of more classes at a college or university and who is physically present at the institution to meet certain immunization requirements.

New Student Immunization Requirements

J-1 Students: Regulatory Health Insurance Requirement

In addition to the university's health insurance requirements, immigration regulations require J-1 exchange visitors and accompanying J-2 dependents to maintain comprehensive medical insurance with evacuation and repatriation coverage that meets U.S. government minimum requirements beginning on the start date of the J-1 program continuing to the end of the J-1 program.

The willful failure to carry the required insurance for yourself and, if applicable, your dependents, or material misrepresentation of insurance coverage may result in the termination of your J program and legal status in the U.S.

Health Care in the U.S.

The health care system in the U.S. can be rather complex and difficult understand.

Learn About Insurance Basics