Boulder is located approximately 30 miles northwest of Denver. You will arrive in Denver by air through Denver International Airport (DIA). From there you can get to Boulder by either the Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus service or by the Super Shuttle, a van service.

About Denver International Airport (DIA)

The airport’s main terminal is characterized by a large canopy of fiberglass “peaks” that were constructed to resemble the peaks and valleys of the nearby mountains. The dual-sided terminal—carriers are organized by Terminal West and Terminal East—separates traffic into three levels: the upper level is for departures, the middle level is for ground transportation, and the lower level is for passenger pickup. The gates are arranged along three concourses, which are connected to each other and to the main terminal by a train.

Hospitality Ambassadors and Airport Guest Services provide customer service, information booths, airport paging, directions, and help with the mishaps, like lost luggage. They can direct you to the Ground Transportation Information Counter, but if you need some additional help getting to campus, feel free to call ISSS at 303-492-8057 during our business hours. 

The Ground Transportation Information Counter is located on Level 5 of DIA.

You can get to Boulder by bus, shuttle, or taxi.

Bus Service

The Regional Transportation District's (RTD) bus service from the airport to Boulder is called the SkyRide. All buses leave from Level 5, Island 5, outside Door 506 at Terminal West and outside Door 511 at Terminal East. The SkyRide bus from DIA to Boulder is Route AB. You can check departure times for each route at Island 5 in the shelter at either Terminal East or Terminal West, or at the SkyRide counter in DIA, which is located on the west side in the Ground Transportation area, Level 5, outside Door 506. Exact fare is required on boarding the bus or you can buy a ticket from the SkyRide counter. The fare is $13.

If you need information when the SkyRide counter is not open, RTD kiosks are conveniently located in the main terminal on both the north and south sides of the fountain, behind the car rental counters. The kiosks are easy to use and allow you to check route and schedule information and view maps.

If you have on-campus housing, ask the driver to let you off at the University Administrative Center (914 Broadway). If you arrive between 5 p.m. and midnight, go directly to your residence hall’s main office.

If you are meeting someone or need to find a hotel, stay on the bus to the terminal at 14th and Walnut Streets. Most hotels provide a shuttle service from the bus station to their hotels, or you can call a taxi at 303-777-7777. Be prepared to pay $7 to $10 for a taxi, and tip the driver at least 15 percent, plus an extra $1 to $2 for each piece of luggage.

Van Service

Boulder SuperShuttle provides van service from DIA to major hotels in Boulder County for a fee of $27. Door-to-door service is also provided throughout most of Boulder County, but it might be more expensive (at least $33 per person). You need to have a ticket before you can board a van. To get a ticket, check in at the Boulder SuperShuttle ticket counter, Level 5, near baggage claim in the main terminal. A counter service agent will issue you a ticket and direct you to the proper loading area. Vans depart every hour at ten minutes past the hour—6:10 a.m. through 12:10 a.m., 7 days a week. Vans leave on the half hour during busy afternoon and evening hours. Call SuperShuttle Boulder at 303-227-0000 or visit their website for further information.


Taxis are a convenient but expensive way to get to Boulder. If you arrive when the buses and shuttles are not running, you may decide to take a taxi.  From DIA to Boulder, you can expect to pay a flat rate of $88.15, plus additional charges for things like oversized or too much luggage and toll charges. Then you will have to add a tip. You can find a taxi in the transportation area across from the baggage claim area outside the airport. Call 303-777-7777 if you are unable to find a taxi outside the airport.

If you arrive at DIA late in the evening, it may be better for you to stay in Denver and come to Boulder the following day. Ask one of the Airport Guest Services staff members at DIA to give you recommendations about hotels near the airport. Also, see Fly Denver to get an idea of what is available to you.

Hotel Information

It would be wise to reserve accommodations in Boulder or Denver before leaving the airport.

See a more complete listing of Boulder Hotels.

If you arrive late or if there are no vacancies in Boulder hotels, it may be wise for you to stay in Denver that evening and come to Boulder the next day. You can call any hotel from the bag­gage claim area at DIA. The hotels closest to the airport fill quickly and might be more expensive, but they often have shuttle service to and from DIA: See Fly Denver for more information.