Your Buff OneCard is your bus pass if you are a benefit eligible employee or transit fee paying CU Boulder student (or if you are a CU affiliate and have purchased the semester bus pass*)!  As of September 1st, 2023, CU is no longer issuing CollegePasses or EcoPasses. Access includes all Local, Limited, Express and Regional bus and light rail service, in all fare zones, including the SkyRide bus service to DIA. (*Not valid on special services, including but not limited to, Bustang, Access‑a‑Ride and BroncosRide)

Just tap your Buff OneCard on the card reader as you get on the bus, show the pass to the driver and find a seat.

All students paying the transit fee are eligible for bus pass access. The CU Environmental Center administers the Student Bus Pass Program; visit the Student Bus Pass web site for more information.


If you are eligible, your Buff OneCard serves as your transit pass. Eligibility is based on CU benefits eligibility.

  • Full-time continuing* faculty/staff at CU Boulder and the CU system office.
  • Part-time continuing* employees working a 50% or greater full time percentage (FTE) appointment at CU Boulder and the CU system office.
  • Retired Emeritus Professors
  • CU retirees who have an active work appointment on the Boulder Campus or for CU System.

Not Eligible

  • Employees of other CU campuses (except for CU system employees)
  • Part-time continuing* employees working less than a 50% full time percentage (FTE) appointment.
  • Volunteers, spouses and other family members
  • CU retirees who do not have an active work appointment on the Boulder Campus or for CU System.
  • Temporary employees and full time or part time non-continuing (contract) employees (those whose job has a stated end date)

*Continuing employees include Classified Staff, University Staff and Faculty with permanent appointments (ie your job does not have a stated end date). 

Not sure if you are eligible? Email your question and employee number to If you are not eligible, there is an option to purchase a semester transit pass (see Semester Bus Pass section below).

Temporary employees, part-time employees with less than 50% appointments, and other CU affiliates can purchase a bus pass for $95 per semester (if you have a Buff OneCard you qualify to purchase this pass).

  1. Deposit $95 in your Campus Cash account via the Buff OneCard website by clicking the “Add Campus Cash” option, or download and use the GET mobile app. (any person at CU with a Buff OneCard has access to the Campus Cash account)
  2. Once you have deposited the money, email the Buff OneCard office at, and tell them you want to purchase the $95 semester pass.
  3. Include in your email the 16 digit number on your Buff OneCard (example: 6014XXXXXXXXXX)

Employees receive their Buff OneCard when they start at CU. If you are new or have questions, start with your department’s Human Resources representative, or contact the Buff OneCard office.

Buff OneCard office is located in the Center for Community (C4C) room N180. Phone: 303-492-0355.

You will need to provide your employee id number, a headshot if you don't have one on file, and must have completed your I-9 verification through HR prior to requesting the EcoPass.

There are fees to replace lost or non-working/damaged Buff OneCards. 

  • Replace lost card: $30
  • Replace damaged card: $5

    Center for Community (C4C)
    Room N180, 2249 Willard Loop Dr.
    159 UCB
    Boulder, CO 80309-0159

    M-F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.