Close Call Incident Reporting

If you’ve been injured or your property damaged due to a collision on campus, please contact police dispatch at 303-492-6666. If you were involved in a close-call incident on campus, but don't fit the guidelines for contacting CUPD, we would like to know about it. Incidents may include:

  • A close call or a collision with a car, cyclist or skateboarder
  • Has a car come close to hitting you while crossing a campus street?
  • Did you have a near hit with a pedestrian because they weren't using a crosswalk?

If so, please complete and submit the city of Boulder's close call incident form.

Snow Removal

Facilities Management is responsible for snow removal on campus sidewalks. Please visit Facilities Management's Snow Removal page for more information.

Which Wheels Go Where?

There are many ways to walk and roll around campus. We want to make sure everyone is aware of what is allowed (and what’s not) on the multi-use pathways and streets in and around campus.

  Streets/Bike Lanes Sidewalks
(except dismount zones)
Multi-use Paths
Bikes/E-bikes Yes Yes Yes


*Can ride in the street on residential streets and only in the bike lane on all other streets.

Yes Yes
Electric Scooters/Skateboards


*Can ride in the street on residential streets and only in the bike lane on all other streets.


*Can only ride on sidewalk (outside dismount zones) if no bike lane is present

Motorized Scooters


*Can only ride in the street, not in bike lanes.

No No
All device types must dismount when they see the dismount symbol.

Battery Safety

Electric mobility devices like e-bikes and e-scooters can be a fire hazard if not charged or stored correctly. CU's Residence Life does not allow motorized vehicles to be taken into, or stored in, any buildings due to the potential for fire/explosions, and for the electrical load/capacity in CU facilities. When charging at home, or in spaces designated for bicycle or mobility device storage, follow the manufacturer and Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations:

  • Use only the charger that comes with the vehicle
  • Never charge overnight
  • Never leave a charging vehicle unattended
  • Do not charge or store on or near flammable materials
  • Have working fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in the charging area