Your safe and free alternative to walking alone after dark.

CU NightRide is CU Boulder’s student-operated safe-ride service that allows you to request free, evening transportation to and from any location within Boulder city limits. Whether you need to travel across campus or to a neighborhood off-campus, CU NightRide student drivers can get you there. CU NightRide is available to current CU Boulder students, faculty and staff.

How to request a ride

  • Download the CU NightRide app from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Select “Log In with CU”
  • Enter your IdentiKey and password and tap “Login”
  • Enter your phone number and tap “Confirm”
  • Request your ride!

Download the CU NightRide app on the Apple App Store Download the CU NightRide app on Google Play

 CU NightRide has an accessible ADA service van as part of its fleet!
Our drivers are trained in how to secure passengers safely. If you would like to utilize this service, please request it through the CU NightRide app by selecting 'Accessibility' and entering the quantity of wheelchairs. Accessible rides can also be requested by calling our dispatch office at 303-492-7233.

Learn more about the CU NightRide app →

Rules of the road

  • CU NightRide only operates within Boulder city limits.

  • Service must be requested through the CU NightRide app. 

  • Riders may be asked to show their CU Buff OneCard to ride. Those who do not have their Buff OneCard available will be given a ride at the discretion of the driver.

  • In an effort to maintain efficiency, drivers will wait five minutes for your group. If you miss your ride, your ride will be canceled and you must request a new one.

  • CU NightRide reserves the right to refuse to escort individuals who act in an unsafe manner, exploit the service or harass personnel or their escorts. Acting in an unsafe manner includes, but is not limited to, refusing to follow an driver’s safety instructions (i.e. not wearing a seat belt), possession of a weapon, or exhibiting violent or threatening behavior. In the event of refusal of service, our staff will make other safe transportation suggestions. If a person is refused service, they may be banned from future use of the service and may face other disciplinary actions from CU.

CU NightRide vehicles now have the following health and wellness items available at no cost to riders: bandaids, condoms, tampons/pads, tissues, throw up bags and sanitizing wipes.

Need additional resources or access to harm-reduction supplies (i.e. fentanyl test strips, naloxone)? Visit Wardenburg Health Center, room 346.