• Join the Student Advisory Board!

    The Dean of Students office is seeking applications for the Student Advisory Board. If you are passionate about the quality of student life and the co-curricular student experience at CU-Boulder, please consider applying. The Student Advisory Board offers opportunities for students to provide counsel to the Dean of Students and to assist in the development of programs and activities. The Board’s primary goal is to provide advice to the Dean of Students on pressing student issues.

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  • Sunrise

    Health and Safety Tips

    Remember to use the buddy system; don't leave friends alone while out at night. Police officers and other emergency services personnel work to keep the community safe. If you ever think a friend is in danger due to alcohol or other drugs, call 9-1-1. If you doubt someone's motives or are concerned about your or someone else's safety, keep an eye on the situation and know when to make the hard call for help. Remember to be a good neighbor and keep your noise levels down. If you plan to leave town for spring break, practice the same safety protocols you follow in Boulder: travel in groups, look out for friends, stay hydrated, know your limits and comply with the law.

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  • Read the Student Affairs Insider!

    Check out the Student Affairs Newsletter and stay up-to-date on what's happening in the Division!

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    Program helps students 'bounce back' from academic probation

    Any number of reasons can cause a student at CU-Boulder to be put on academic probation. First year students often find balancing the rigors of college academics, the various social distractions they encounter, and trying to adjust to life on their own, a challenge. The Bounce Back program helps those students recover from academic difficulties and get back on track.

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Welcome to Student Affairs at CU-Boulder!

Aerial view of CUFrom New Student Welcome, where you'll learn how to navigate your way through your first weeks and months at CU, all the way through graduation and even beyond, Student Affairs plays an integral role in student success.  Student Affairs is a diverse organization of professionals focused on creating a positive environment that fosters successful learning and personal development, both inside and outside the traditional classroom. 

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Parent Fund Annual Report 2014

For your health and the health of our community, thank you for not smoking on the CU-Boulder Campus.

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