Service Announcement

CU NightRide is available for car, van and golf cart rides.

Hours: 7 p.m. – 12 a.m. seven days a week

Available to CU Bould­er students, faculty and staff within Boulder city limits. Request a ride with the TapRide app!

We also encourage you look at alternative transportation options through CU Boulder Parking & Transportation Services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Molly Brauer.



TapRide is a mobile application that makes it easier than ever to request a ride with CU NightRide. Riders can easily request the next available pick-up. Once the ride is scheduled, riders can track their vehicle’s location in real time. TapRide is free to download, but requesting a ride is available only to current CU Boulder students, faculty and staff.

  1. Download TapRide  Apple App Store badge   Google Play badge
  2. Scroll to University of Colorado Boulder
  3. Enter your Identikey and password
  4. Request your ride!

Unfortunately the app is not perfect! However, in these situations we encourage you to call our office 303-492-7233 to speak with our dispatcher who can either assist you with a request that was made through the app or put in a new request for you. We do encourage feedback as it assists us with the TapRide developers. If your app is not working please take a screenshot of the issue and email it to with a brief explanation.

Requesting a Ride

Yes, a CU NightRide dispatcher is available for you to speak with during operating hours. Simply call 303-492-SAFE (7233) to be connected with the next available dispatcher.

Yes! Dispatchers are available during operating hours to assist you with requesting a ride over the phone. Just call 303-492-SAFE (7233) to be connected with the next available dispatcher. In addition, our dispatcher will also notify you when your driver is near.

Yes! CU NightRide has the ability to pick you up or drop you off at your address or the closest predetermined location. You can also use your phone’s geolocation to drop a pin on the map screen within the TapRide app.

No. CU NightRide operates as an “on demand” service. Simply open the TapRide app or call our office at 303-492-7233 to request a ride when you’re ready to go and a vehicle will be at your pick-up location as soon as possible. You can view our average pick-up time before requesting your ride as well as your driver’s ETA once the ride is accepted.

No. The system does not allow for more than one pick-up/drop-off location.

Unfortunately you cannot change the drop-off or pick-up location.

Yes! CU NightRide strives to provide a free and safe ride for all riders regardless of the activities they partake in at night. However, we do have policies in place which require us to engage with CUPD if a rider is displaying signs which may require emergency assistance.

Yes! CU NightRide one ADA vehicle which can assist those who utilize wheelchairs. If you are in need of an ADA vehicle, please contact our office at 303-492-7233 or use the app.

Wait Times and Service Closures

There could be a variety of reasons why wait times are longer than what you might expect. Some examples include
  • The number of vehicles we have active for the evening. We strive to have seven vehicles active each night; however, there are times when a vehicle may not be operable due to a scheduled repair or another reason that is outside of the program’s control.
  • Staffing and schedule changes.
  • There could be an issue in operations that occur and this may take a vehicle offline for a certain amount of time or for the rest of the evening.
  • We like to ensure that our staff take their scheduled breaks during a shift in order for them to use the bathroom, get something to eat/drink, etc. During these times it will take a vehicle out of service until the staff member returns from their break.
  • Friday–Sunday are generally our busiest days of the week, some weekends such as Halloween are even busier than normal.
  • Weather can also impact wait times as driving conditions may cause our drivers to operate much more cautiously. In snow and ice, we like to drive slowly and carefully in order to keep riders safe! In addition, as temperatures drop, we will usually see a rise in requests.

Service will operate on our published schedule unless conditions make transportation unsafe. If a closure is needed, a message will be displayed on the TapRide app and those who called in a ride request will be notified by our dispatcher. We will also publish posts on the UMC Facebook page.

    CU NightRide will not be in service for university holidays/closures, winter break, fall break or spring break. The program does operate over summer break but with a limited number of staff, vehicles and hours.

      At times, CU NightRide will pause the acceptance of new requests in order to meet the current demand of requests, this will usually be for a short amount of time and an announcement message will notify new riders to check back in at an “x” amount of time (e.g. 30 min., 45 min., 60 min.). These instances usually happen on very busy nights such as athletic games, large-scale events on campus, Halloween weekend, etc. Additionally, towards the end of the night the program will stop accepting new rides before the close of service due to the staff being fully booked for the night. This ensures that our team can complete their last ride by 12:15/1:15 a.m.


      We welcome your thoughts to improve our rider’s experience. Please call us call our office at 303-492-7233 to leave a message or you can use the comment form in the right-hand column of our webpage.

      Yes! Our applications are open all year and we have a large student staff. You can find our application on the UMC Student Jobs page.

      Our CU NightRide office can be found in the University Memorial Center (UMC) on the second floor near the reception desk. If you wish to talk with someone outside of our service hours please go to the UMC administration office in room 305 and you can speak to Molly Brauer.

      If you believe you have misplaced an item and it could be in one of our vehicles, please call our office at 303-492-7233 and talk with our dispatcher. CU NightRide cars cannot suspend service to return lost items, however, our dispatcher will alert the driver to search the car before service is completed in the evening. We will be sure to let you know if any items were found and where to get them.