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Shared and Rentable E-scooters (Lime Scooters)

Lime scootersLime is Boulder's lone e-scooter company. Anyone can start a ride by downloading the smartphone Lime app and following the instructions for setting up an account. The e-scooters are managed using GPS technology which allows for the remote management of access, speed, parking and hours of operation. For example, the scooters will notify riders when they are nearing “no-ride” zones, and the devices will automatically slow in areas with low speed limits like the multi-use path between the CU planetarium, Center for Community and up to Engineering.

TIP: Download the lime app to see the most up-to-date zones and lime groves or to find your nearest scooter.

  • Maximum speed is 15 mph with some designated 10 mph slow zones.
  • Campus access is limited to certain preferred routes on streets, multi-use paths and some sidewalks where a bike lane is not present in an adjacent street. If you enter a "No-Go" zone, the e-scooter will lose propulsion until you return to the prefered route
  • E-scooters are accessible 7 days a week, 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Scooters on CU properties must be parked at specific parking hubs called "Lime Groves" which are shown in the Lime app and signified by green paint on campus. Users will not be able to end their ride unless parked within the designated grove.  Off campus, parking is more flexible in most of the city. Scooters should be parked either in groves or near bike racks or other areas that don't hinder ADA access or impede pedestrians. Use the Lime app to see locations and details.

Costs per ride is $1 to unlock and $.35 cents a minute

If you ride often you can save using LimePrime, a monthly plan ($5.99) that has no unlock fee and you save 25% on the per-minute ride fee.  For comparison, a LimePrime user taking 6 ten minute rides would pay around $15.75, compared to a standard user who would pay $27 for the same six rides.

Too expensive? See details about LimeAccess which provides discounted rides to Lime users who qualify for public benefits. Eligible riders pay $0.50 to unlock and just $0.15 per minute, which may include Pell grant recipients. Reach out to access@li.me or apply online.

  • E-scooters are deployed in and must be parked in lime groves that allow for clear, unobstructed passage of pedestrians on/near sidewalks and do not impede Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility or the boarding or departure of transit users.
  • Each scooter is equipped with headlights, tail lights and other security features.
  • The Lime app has a "Training Mode" feature that limits the device speed to 8 mph so first-time riders can get the feel for riding. 
  • Riders are encouraged to always wear a helmet. More information on discounted helmets available through Lime is available here

Injuries - If you get hit by, injured on, or have a crash with a scooter and are injured, call 911 (if calling from a cell phone on campus tell the dispatcher that you are on campus so CUPD can be dispatched). Any incident that involves actual physical contact or injury should be reported to CU Police Department if on campus, or Boulder Police.  Please also report your crash or injury with Lime. Fill out a report with Lime here or call 1-888-546-3345

    Personal Electric Scooters

    Personally owned electric scooters are not allowed in campus buildings or in residence halls.  If you are freshman or plan to live in a CU residence hall we would encourage to forgo bringing a e-scooter to campus

    Parking - personal scooters (stand up e-scooters) should be parked at bike racks and follow similar guidelines as bicycles.  Do not block access to stairwells or other areas that would affect ADA accessibility

    Residence Life does not allow motorized vehicles to be taken into, or stored in, any buildings due to the potential for fire/explosions, and for the electrical load/capacity in CU facilities.

    When charging at home, or in a spaces designated for bicycle or mobility device storage, follow the manufacturer and Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations:

    • Use only the charger that comes with the vehicle
    • Never charge overnight
    • Never leave a charging vehicle unattended
    • Do not charge or store on or near flammable materials
    • Have working fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in the charging area

    skateboard rackSkateboards

    Where you can ride and store your board

    Skateboards are allowed on residential streets, streets with bike lanes, multi-use paths and sidewalks.

    The campus has skateboard racks near some of the largest lecture halls and classrooms on campus. There are two racks inside the Engineering Center and one inside Muenzinger Psychology. One each is located outside Cristol Chemistry and Biochemistry, eaton Humanities, Duane Physics and the Mathematics Building. Each rack can hold up to 10 boards, which are inserted into thin slots and can be locked in place using two metal rings. Students are responsible for their own locks.

    • Yield to pedestrians
    • Maintain safe speeds while riding. The maximum legal speed in Boulder on pathways is 15 mph
    • Slow to 8 mph in crosswalks and intersections
    • Wear a helmet
    • Do not consume alcohol while riding

    Other Small Electric Devices

    One-wheels and other small electric devices should follow the same rules as personal electric scooters.