CU Transportation supports vanpooling to campus by helping form vans and by providing both monetary subsidies and free parking to make it more affordable and accessible to all staff.

What is a vanpool and is a driver provided?

  • A vanpool is a group of 5-7 people with similar commute routes and work schedules, who share a van 
  • The van is provided by either Way To Go (Denver Metro area) or VanGo (Northern Front Range)
  • The monthly fee covers all costs, including gas, parking, maintenance, insurance, etc.  See below for more details
  • A driver is not provided. Driving responsibilities are shared by at least two or more vanpool members
  • Meet-up location(s), route and driving responsibilities are negotiable 

Why should I vanpool?

Compared to driving, vanpoolers save hundreds of dollars a year in gas, maintenance, and parking fees. 

  • You get the van, or a ride in one. It's like having your own vehicle, but no wear and tear
  • Gas, insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance are paid for
  • Free parking for the van, plus one free one-day parking permit per month for days you need to drive your personal vehicle
  • Guaranteed Ride Home - Emergency while at work? You can take a free cab ride home

What does it cost?

All CU Boulder staff receive $35 in subsidies from CU and the City of Boulder no matter which vanpool program they participate in.

  • Paying is easy - Monthly payment is set up via payroll deduction for CU Staff, or online for temporary employees.
  • Way To Go (Denver Metro area) - $50 per month for most staff.  $20 for Front-line Service Employees (eligibility information can be found on Human Resource’s website). Temporary employees pay $65 a month and must set up an online payment plan.
  • VanGo (Northern Front Range) - Monthly fee is dependent on commute distance from origin to destination. Contact VanGo for pricing. Let them know you are from CU Boulder to get a quote with the CU and City or Boulder incentives deducted.

Get paid! -  Way to Go referral program

  • Get paid $200 to start a new van or refer full vanpool group that joins Way To Go
  • Get paid $20 for referring a friend or coworker who joins a van.
  • To be eligible, send referral information to Tim at WayToGo and he will coordinate registration and will provide details on payment.

Contact: Tim Miaskiewicz, Outreach Manager at timothy.m.miaskiewicz, or call 970-420-9104

Get started

1. Call Clark Rider at 303-735-7874 or email to discuss your options and get assigned to a van (if available).

2. Once you have been assigned a van number, click here to set up payroll deduction.