Vanpool Interest Form

CU Transportation supports vanpooling to campus by helping form vans and by providing both monetary subsidies and free parking to make it more affordable and accessible to all staff.

What is a vanpool and is a driver provided?

  • A vanpool is a group of 5-7 people with similar commute routes and work schedules, who share a van provided by either Way To Go (Denver Metro area) or VanGo (Northern Front Range)
  • A monthly fee covers all costs, including gas, parking, maintenance, and insurance.
  • A driver is not provided. Driving responsibilities are shared by at least two or more vanpool members
  • Meet-up location(s), the route and driving responsibilities are flexible and up to the van members to agree on

Why should I vanpool?

Compared to driving, vanpoolers save hundreds of dollars a year in gas, maintenance, and parking fees. 

  • You get the van, or a ride in one. It's like having your own vehicle, but no wear and tear
  • Gas, insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance are paid for
  • Free parking for the van in select CU lots
  • Guaranteed Ride Home - Emergency while at work? You can take a free cab ride home

What does it cost?

The amount you pay depends on which program you are in. The majority of CU Boulder staff will have access to Way to Go and pay either $20 or $50 a month.  Those living north of Longmont have varying fee rates. All staff receive at least $35 in subsidies from CU and the City of Boulder no matter which vanpool program they participate in.

  • Way To Go (Denver Metro area) - $50 per month for most staff.  $20 for Front-line Service Employees (eligibility information can be found on Human Resource’s website). Paying is done via payroll deduction for CU Staff, or online for temporary employees.
  • VanGo (Northern Front Range) - Monthly fee is dependent on commute distance from origin to destination. Contact VanGo for pricing. Let them know you are from CU Boulder to get a quote with the CU and City or Boulder incentives deducted.

Getting started or have questions?

If interested in starting or joining a van, please fill out this short interest form. For more detailed questions, call Clark Rider at 303-735-7874 or email