Getting to and around campus on the bus is a snap.


Sometimes driving to campus is the only way to go. Get the information you need to make your drive easy.


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Scooters and Skateboards

Power up your ride, elevate your commute.

Campus community members should consider all commuting options—including transit, walking, biking, and carpooling to campus before committing to an annual parking permit. For help making a decision, or to learn more about the multiple commuting options available, please reach out to our sustainable transportation team at BuffsCommute@colorado.edu.

CU NightRide

CU NightRide is CU Boulder’s student-operated safe-ride service that allows you to request free, evening transportation to and from any location within Boulder city limits. Whether you need to travel across campus or to a neighborhood off-campus, CU NightRide student drivers can get you there. CU NightRide is available to current CU Boulder students, faculty and staff.

Guaranteed Ride Home

In order to support sustainable transportation options, CU provides a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency or work schedule change (limited to CU Boulder and CU System faculty and staff).

You must have your staff/faculty Buff OneCard to complete the ride. Note, this is an account-based program.

  • Call 303-MYZTRIP (303-699-8747)
  • When the automated voice starts, press 9 to set up an account-funded ride
  • When prompted, press 2 to be connected with corporate/private accounts and speak with an operator.
  • Provide the operator with the CU Boulder account number BOU5302. 
  • The operator will ask for the account name, you should answer "CU Guaranteed Ride Home" or "CU Boulder"
  • You will be asked for an ID number, use your Buff OneCard number for this.
  • You must provide the address where you will be picked up and your destination address.
  • If asked for the name of an authorized person, answer "Clark Rider."
  • When the cab arrives, you’ll need to show your Buff OneCard.
  • Upon reaching your destination, review and sign the trip voucher. The university will pay for your cab ride, but you must pay for any tip.

  • Eligible Users - GRH is for CU Boulder and CU System staff/faculty FTEs who work 50% time or greater (benefit eligible).
  • Valid Reasons for Use - Personal or family emergency/illness or an unplanned change in work schedule.
  • CU ID Required - You must show your Buff OneCard to the taxi driver.
  • Types of Trips – GRH covers trips from your workplace to your residence or car.  Intermediate stops are possible (for example, to pick up your child at school on the way home or stop at your pharmacy to pick up a prescription).
  • Distance - Your taxi ride can be up to 100 miles one-way. You are responsible for paying any amount over the 100-mile limit, and tipping the cab driver is your responsibility.
  • Extreme Weather - Emergency taxi rides will not be available when extreme weather conditions cause the university to close. This service does not apply when bus service is erratic due to bad weather.

  • General Questions - Call 303-735-7874 (CU Boulder Sustainable Transportation)
  • Book a Ride – Call 303-MYZTRIP (303-699-8747)

ADA Accessibility

All CU Buff Buses, Regional Transportation District (RTD) and Community Transit Network (CTN) buses, as well as light rail vehicles, are ADA accessible.

Via: Via is a not-for-profit organization that provides door-to-door transportation services to people of all ages who cannot access or afford other transit alternatives. Via serves all areas of Boulder County as well as some adjoining towns in counties contiguous with Boulder County. Call 303-447-9636 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to start the new client process or to schedule a ride. You can find more information on Via’s services by visiting Via’s website.

Access-A-Ride: The Access‑a‑Ride program through the Regional Transportation District (RTD) provides local bus transportation in the Denver metro area for people with disabilities. This program helps individuals who cannot access RTD’s fixed-route bus and rail system to maintain their freedom to travel around the metro area. Call 303-299-2960 for eligibility information.

There is no building-to-building shuttle service on campus, but all Buff Buses are ADA-accessible. 

Buff Bus

The Buff Bus moves thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors around and through campus every day. All CU Buff Buses are ADA-accessible. For route and schedule information, see our Buff Bus webpage

Temporary Medical Conditions

Temporary medical conditions (TMCI) such as injuries, surgeries, or acute illnesses may not qualify as permanent disabling conditions. However, Disability Services does provide assistance to students and guidance on working with a temporary medical condition while attending CU Boulder and we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss further.  

Temporary injury usually does not qualify for accessible parking. Contact Parking Customer Service to discuss options for purchasing a temporary permit to park near the building where you need to go.  

For accessible parking, you must have a state-issued accessible license plate, permit, decal, or place card.

For more details about parking, review our ADA parking page. For general campus ADA information, visit the CU Boulder Campus Accessibility page or the Disability Services website. Additionally, visit the Boulder County Mobility for All page for even more details about accessible, affordable, and equitable multimodal transportation options.

Key contact info

  • CU Disability Services 303-492-8671
  • Via Mobility 303-447-9636
  • Access-a-Ride 303-299-2960
  • CU Parking Customer Service 303-735-7275