Facilities Management provides Outdoor (grounds) Services to general fund areas and to several auxiliary funded facilities. Outdoor Services  is responsible for grounds maintenance (mowing, trash and litter collection, snow removal, bed maintenance, tree and shrub care) and irrigation system operation and maintenance for the general fund areas on campus.

Facilities Management removes graffiti from restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities as needed.

How to Request Service

To report graffiti on campus complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Outdoor Services provides snow removal and ice-control services.

How to Request Service

To request ice removal, complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

About 80% of the main campus is irrigated using non-potable water from the New Anderson Ditch. The university has owned these ditch rights since 1880. Irrigation is conducted at night and is based on information gathered from an on-campus weather station. Sometimes day-time watering occurs, usually due to new sod or system testing. 

How to Request Service

To report concerns about sprinklers or irrigation:

Please complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

The grounds crew is primarily focused on maintenance activities. New project installations must be approved by the campus landscape architect. Due to a limited budget, some requested projects may require requestor funding. 

How to Request Service

To report concerns about campus landscaping:

Complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Our recycling operations center is located at 1060 Regent Drive, east of the Parking & Police station.

How to Request Service

For questions or concerns about campus recycling:

Email recycling@colorado.edu or contact the Recyling Operations Center at 303-492-5321.

For immediate concerns, please contact the Facilities Management Service Center, 24 hours a day, at 303-492-5522.

If you have been in an accident please contact the University Police Department at 303-492-6666.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of snow and/or ice, please contact University Risk Management or 303-860-5682.

Campus Closures

In extreme situations the members of the Snow Removal committee in collaboration with the University Police Chief, may recommend a campus closure. The final decision to close campus is made by the Chancellor. When possible, this decision is announced prior to 5:30am. For recorded information regarding potential campus closures, please call 303-492-4636,or visit Campus Closures | Safety Resources

City of Boulder Snow Dispatch:  303-413-7109

Adjacent to, or on Main Campus the City maintains Regent Drive, Folsom Street, Colorado Avenue from Folsom to 28th, University Avenue, 17th Street.  Facilities Management is responsible for Macky Drive, Pleasant Street, Euclid Avenue, 18th Street, Colorado Avenue from 18th Street to Folsom, Wardenburg Drive and Kittredge Loop Road.

Departmental Roles

Facilities Management

Facilities Management provides leadership and coordinates campus snow removal efforts. Within Facilities Management, the Outdoor Services and Environmental Services divisions carry the main responsibility for snow removal and ice abatement. The Trade Shops provide additional support for major snow events.

Facilities Management is responsible for snow removal and ice abatement from all general fund areas on both Main and East campus. These areas include most campus streets, sidewalks and building entries. The Outdoor Services division provides all of the equipment operators and performs about half of the shoveling during the day. The Environmental Services division provides about half of the hand shoveling during the day and all of the night time shoveling.

In addition, Outdoor Services provides snow removal and ice abatement for Research Park and Grandview Terrace under separate service agreements. Comments or questions can be sent via e-mail to Donald.Inglis@colorado.edu, Outdoor Services Manager for Facilities Management Operations. 

Parking and Transportation Services

Parking and Transportation Services is responsible for snow removal and ice abatement in the parking facilities they manage, including all permit and/or metered surface lots, as well as, parking structures. Snow removal is performed with its own resources, support from Facilities Management, and private vendors. Comments or questions can be sent via e-mail to Shauna.Atkins@colorado.edu, Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Parking and Transportation Services.


The Athletics Department performs snow removal inside of Folsom Stadium and from Kittredge Fields. Facilities Management provides snow removal services as requested for scheduled events at the Coors Events Center.

Housing and Dining Services

Housing Maintenance is responsible for snow removal and ice abatement from the sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks and some streets within Residence hall and Family Housing areas. Comments or questions can be sent via e-mail to David Lawson, Grounds Supervisor for Housing Facilities Services.

Risk Management

University Risk Management actively participates in the campus snow removal committee, including loss prevention consultation, ergonomics and related training, claims management, and accident investigation.

University Risk Management

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Division will provide support and coordination to other campus departments during significant or extreme winter weather events.  Emergency Management assists with public information, resource support, situational awareness, and coordination with campus partners, such as the city of Boulder. For information, please visit EmergencyManagement or email ucbemergency@colorado.edu.

Accessibility Issues

The campus recognizes its responsibility to insure accessibility to persons who have special accommodation needs. This is best accomplished by identifying your needs to either Disability Services at Disability Services or Michael Roseberry, ADA Coordinator at (303) 492-1334 or via e-mail at HR-ADA@colorado.edu.  Disability Services front office number is 303-492-8671 or email dsinfo@colorado.edu.  Your information will be forwarded to Don Inglis, Campus Snow Marshall.  Each semester a meeting is held to identify the routes of travel used by those with special mobility needs.

Outdoor Services will make every possible effort to accommodate your needs. If you experience a specific problem, call the Facilities Management Service Center at 303-492-5522 and a staff member will be dispatched to address the situation promptly.

Equipment and Materials

Outdoor Services utilizes a variety of equipment for snow removal including plows, skid-steers, front end loader, blowers, material spreaders, liquid anti-icing spray applicators and sweepers for post storm cleanup.

Outdoor Services has a purchasing agreement with the City of Boulder’s Transportation Department to purchase magnesium chloride and Ice Slicer. These materials are applied to asphalt and concrete surfaces to prevent or reduce the buildup of snow and ice. In some instances, a sand/salt mixture is applied. In an effort to minimize the negative impact on air quality, the amount of sand being used on campus has been reduced. Calcium chloride and Ice Slicer is used at building entries by campus hand shoveling teams.

How to Request Service

For concerns or questions regarding snow removal, please contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Outdoor Services provides general care and maintenance for hardscapes, including, streets, asphalt, sidewalks, and plazas.

How to Request Service

Please report any trip hazards or debris by completing a Service Request or contacting the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Facilities Management handles trash collection on campus. Collection schedules for specific buildings can be obtained from building proctors or directly from custodial supervisors.

There are four types of trash collection on campus:

  • Internal building – office only. This is a requested service at cost to department. Office trash removal services are no longer provided per FY 09/10 budget reduction.
  • Internal building – hallways, corridors, main traffic areas, cafés, restrooms, classrooms.
  • External building – trash dumpster.
  • External building – grounds trash receptacles.

Please note that office trash removal services are no longer provided per FY 09/10 budget reduction. In addition, custodians are responsible for hand snow shoveling on campus. This additional duty takes them away from interior duties. During inclement weather, our staff performs the following duties in the following order: Snow shoveling, restroom cleaning, classroom cleaning, public area cleaning, and if time allows, they then start on laboratories and, finally, offices. 

How to Request Service

External Building:

  • Trash dumpster – call 303-492-5321.
  • Grounds receptacles – Complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Internal Building:

CU-Boulder is designated by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree Campus USA for its excellence in tree management, as well as student and community involvement. 

How to Request Service

To report concerns about campus trees:

Please complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.