The CAD & Document Management office within Facilities Management is tasked with incorporating graphic and data information from as-built drawings to ensure that our drawings accurately reflect the campus and its structures. Our CAD/GIS Office spends considerable time creating, maintaining, and updating custom maps on specific projects. In addition, creating a Geographic Information System (GIS) for campus is one of our efforts. Please visit CAD & Document Management for more information about our services.
The Design & Construction division of Facilities Management assists campus clients through the various processes necessary to successfully complete all construction projects on campus. This division provides the administrative, management, and professional services required to facilitate and accomplish new construction, renovations, and replacements of physical facilities and infrastructure. Please visit Design & Construction for more information.
The CAD & Document Management office within Facilities Management is responsible for cataloging and archiving all campus project documents and related materials. In addition, we assist customers on a daily basis with researching the vast archives of projects and information. Our customers include consultants, project managers, professors, students working on class projects and anyone with a need to research our drawings and data. For more about our services, please visit CAD & Document Management.
The Facilities Management GIS team is responsible for developing and maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS) database that allows large quantities of information to be mapped, modeled, queried, and analyzed according to location. We create and maintain the campus map and utilities maps as well as collaborate with other departments to create campus grounds and tree inventories and track life safety and environmental health concerns. Please visit GIS & Utilities Mapping to learn more about our services.