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We strive to get students out of cars and into a better mode of transportation such as on a bike, bus, carpool, foot, skateboard, or a combination of those. If you have any questions or ideas please don't hesitate to e-mail us. To the right are various modes of transportation that we support; try to find out which mode is best suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

Program Updates


UMC Bike Station Re-Location

The UMC Bike Station will be re-locating Friday July 15th. Due to construction and tree removal in the immediate area, the station will be closed from Tuesday July 12 - Monday July 18th. The UMC Bike Station will re-open in its new location, adjacent to the UMC fountains, Tuesday July 19th

Summer Bike Maintenance Clinics

The CU Boulder Bike Stations have scheduled three Basic Bike Maintenance & Flat Repair Clinics for the Summer. Pre-registration required.

Dates: 7/19

Feel free to contact the bicycle program for questions or comments at or call 303-735-BIKE.


Real-Time Local Bus Tracking and Arrival Predictions 

Available Now

CU Bus TrackerBus tracking and arrival predictions for the Buff Bus, HOP, and Late Night Transit bus routes available at or download the CU Bus Tracker app for free in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). 

All RTD local buses also have real-time and arrival prediction. The Transit Mobile App is available for free at mobile app stores.

Pass Issues

Summer Bus Pass Suspension

updated 7/8/17

If you are enrolled in the Fall but not the Summer, your bus pass was suspended on 5/26 and will begin working again on 8/1. This suspension happened because you aren’t enrolled in summer classes or paying the Bus and Bike program fee. RTD must have updated their readers over the weekend and this is why you were able to ride until recently. If you would like to use your pass for the remainder of July you’ll need to visit the Buff OneCard office in C4C and purchase an optional bus pass for $85. Taking the suspension off of your card will take approximately 72 hours. However, it may be cheaper to just pay the cash fare depending on how often you ride the bus.

If you are having issues with your College Pass  e-mail us about it. We will get back to you within 2 business days.The most common problems that we deal with include cards not assigned to the correct user, deactivated cards, and defective cards. The Buff OneCard office isn't able to research student card issues. 

Pass Issuance and Replacement

RTD College Passes are issued to incoming students upon move-in. If you need a bus pass and are a fee paying student, visit the Buff OneCard office in C4C. If you lost your card they can replace it for $10. 

Pass Active Dates

Fall Semester: Cards are active August 1 - January 1  

Spring Semester: Cards are active January 1 - May 26

Summer: Cards are active May 1 - August 26*

*If you are not enrolled in Summer classes, would like a bus pass, and will be a returning student in the fall, you can pay the $85 optional summer bus pass fee at the Buff OneCard office in C4C. A list of 23,000+ non-fee paying student cards is sent to RTD for suspension over the summer.

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