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Employment Opportunities

CU Recycling prides itself on being a student-run operation. Students learn the business of recycling through:

  • Hands-on collection of materials 
  • Operational work at our campus recycling facility
  • Special events recycling
  • Outreach and marketing to students and other campus members.

We ask every student who works with recycling to begin working at our campus recycling facility. There, student Recycling Assistants sort through the materials that have been taken to the facility from recycling bins throughout campus. Students ensure that items are of high enough quality to be sold, and pick out anything that has been put in recycling bins that cannot be recycled.

After becoming familiar with CU Recycling operations and campus recycling procedures, students may be given the opportunity to coordinate operational programs , work on outreach projects, such as helping maintain signs at recycling stations, promoting recycling in residence halls and with staff and faculty, writing press releases and making posters, or work on special research projects.

Most of our staff is hired at the beginning of each Fall semester, in late August. A few other openings become available throughout the school year and each summer. CU Recycling hires students who can work between 8 - 20 hours during the week, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Weekly schedules are established for each semester, and students generally work before, between, or after classes. We attempt to fill most of our staff with students with work-study awards through financial aid.

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Volunteer Opportunities

There are lots of ways to volunteer with CU Recycling.

  • Help educate the community at tables or through chalking
  • Be a Zero Waste Goalie at Football games with Ralphie's Green Stampede
  • Scrape plates on Scrape Your Plate Day
  • Go door to door in student neighborhoods with Green Teams
  • And many more!

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