What is carshare? Think of it as short-term car rental but with more locations. Carshare is a great option for those that are car-free or choose to leave their vehicle at home but still need occasional access to a vehicle. Whether it's a small car, an all-wheel drive, a hybrid, or a small truck, there are a variety of carshare vehicles available on campus and throughout central Boulder and Denver.

CU's Environmental Center subsidizes student access to eGo CarShare and Zipcar. Visit their CU specific websites for complete details, age and eligibility requirements, locations and more:

Plans and Rates

Both providers give CU Boulder members discounts, compared to public memberships. All-wheel drives, trucks and mini-vans have higher fees. eGo CarShare offers reduced rates from 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM. Please review pricing on the providers' websites, listed above.

Student Plans

Ego CarShare: Students get a special rate. Just apply the promo code CUECENTER and use your colorado.edu email for a waived registration fee ($25 value) + $20 in eGo CarShare driving credit!
ZipCar: Students get a free application fee (normally $25) and a discounted annual fee of $15 (normally $70) and get $20 of ride credits.

Faculty and Staff Plans

Ego CarShare: CU faculty and staff get a $25 eGo CarShare driving credit after you apply for membership. Just apply the promo code CU25CREDIT and use your colorado.edu email.
ZipCar: CU faculty and staff get a free application fee (normally $25) and a discounted annual fee of $15 (normally $70). Search for a group discount and select the "
University of Colorado, Boulder (CU) - Faculty & Staff" option when you sign up. Be sure to use your colorado.edu email.

Department Accounts

CU Boulder departments can set up an account for their department employees to carshare for university business; individuals may easily create a dual account for personal and/or business needs.

Departmental account information is available on the following websites:

eGo Carshare Department Account Webpage

Zipcar Department Account Webpage

Age Restrictions

eGo CarShare - 18+ and must have 2 years of a clean driving record

Zipcar - Any 18+ students or 21+ faculty, staff, or community members with a valid driver’s license, including international driver's licenses, may rent