In support of CU Boulder's environmental initiatives, the university is expanding charging capacity for personal plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on campus. Want updates about EV projects on campus and other related topics? Join our EV-Owner email list.

Charger locations and specs

Map of CU Boulder charger locations

You can also use ChargePoint's Find a Location tool to find charger locations across the U.S.

All charging stations at CU Boulder are Level II chargers (i.e. will charge a standard EV in a few hours). All CU chargers are open to any plug-in EV user (staff, students, and visitors) except for the chargers in the Center for Community (C4C chargers are only available to lot 327 permit holders). To charge, you must either pay the short term parking fee or your EV must be registered with a CU Boulder parking permit. To inquire about permits for these lots or to move from an existing lot, contact your department's Parking Liaison or email for availability.

Main Campus

  • Center for Community (C4C) - 10 spaces in parking garage/lot 327 (327 permit holders only)
  • Folsom Parking Garage - 16 spaces in lot 391 including two ADA only spaces by the elevator
  • Wolf Law - 1 space in lot 470

East Campus

  • Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) - 12 spaces total, two in the front visitor lot and 10 spaces in the northeast lot 556
  • Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building (Biot) - 4 spaces in lot 543


  • CU charging stations are on the ChargePoint Network and function as the parking payment machine, which will assess the short term parking fee (for visitors or staff without a permit).
  • Monthly/semester CU Boulder permit holders charge for free. Charging fees are included in the cost of the permit, but users must be ChargePoint members and set up a "Connection" via ChargePoint's website or app (learn how to set up a ChargePoint account).
  • Visitors, facult, staff and students who do not have a CU Boulder parking permit pay hourly rates, as posted on parking lot signage. Review lot signage or the ChargePoint app for details.

Use policy

  • All CU chargers are open to any plug-in EV user (staff, students, and visitors) except for the chargers in the Center for Community (C4C) lot. C4C chargers are only available to lot 327 permit holders.
  • Designated spaces are for plug-in EVs only.
  • Vehicles must be plugged in and actively charging at all times when parked in an EV spot. When charging is complete, please move your vehicle to a regular, non-EV charging spot. Tip: Opt in to ChargePoint’s notification feature to receive a text or email when your vehicle is fully charged.
  • It is prohibited to use regular electrical outlets (found in parking facilities or campus buildings) for the purpose of vehicle charging.
  • Failure to observe these rules may result in a citation or towing.

Using the ChargePoint Network

  • All charging stations are connected to the ChargePoint network. If you plan to charge on campus, we encourage you to become a ChargePoint member. As a member you can download the ChargePoint app to start and stop charging sessions remotely, or you can use the RFID card provided to you. Register for a membership on the ChargePoint Network website then click on the Connections tab.
  • Set up a ChargePoint "Connection" by reviewing graphic instructions{1] or a descriptive list.

[1]The PDF document on this page is not fully accessible for users who employ screen readers and other assistive devices. If you use assistive technology and are seeking instructions for setting up an account for the "ChargePoint" app, please review the descriptive list for ADA compliant instructions.