Parking Services offers several short-term parking options for departmental guests and meeting attendees. In addition to short term parking, we have options that will suit your department’s needs.

Parking Options

  • ParkMobile is the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments in more than 600 locations nationwide. This third party vendor has serviced CU Boulder’s campus constituents for over four years and offers an avenue for departments to pay for their visitor’s campus parking. To pay for department guests at ParkMobile pay-by-plate pay stations each department will need to open a “Basic Membership” account with ParkMobile. (This is the only account that allows guests/visitors to park within your account.)  Log onto ParkMobile to begin your registration process. If you need assistance in setting up your department account the phone number for ParkMobile’s Help Desk is 877-727-5457. To open your account, you will need a department credit card, which will be charged each time you enter a guest validation on your “Personal Pages”.  Review a current list of campus ParkMobile Pay-by-Phone parking lots and their locations. Verify CU Boulder lot numbers by looking at the CU Boulder Parking Map
  • Campus department business parking – Departments that require employees to use personal vehicles to commute about campus while on department business may benefit from campus business parking. Business parking authorizes temporary parking in specified parking lots, most gray meters and parking payment machines for university business purposes. Employee primary parking must be used with campus business parking access. Complete a Campus Department Parking request form.
  • Vendor Business parking- Campus departments may also purchase vendor business parkingfor companies or agencies not affiliated with CU Boulder that need their employees to park on campus for the purpose of conducting business with university departments. Complete a Business Vendor Parking request form.


Access Monthly Price[1]
Campus Department $30.00
Vendor $60.00
Worksite $84.00

[1]The monthly price listed is effective now through May 31, 2021. To estimate the current price, multiply the monthly price times the number of months remaining through May. For example, parking ordered in February would be valid for 4 months.

For specific guidelines and Business parking usage, visit the business parking section of our Parking Rules and Regulations or contact us by phone at 303-735-PARK (7275) or

Campus departments may pay for departmental use parking with a UCB “P” card or a campus Speedtype.

Vendor Business Parking

Companies or agencies not affiliated with the university whose employees require campus parking in order to conduct business with CU Boulder departments may purchase Vendor Business parking.

Worksite Business Parking

Non-affiliated companies and agencies conducting official business with CU Boulder and departments on campus may purchase worksite parking to carry out work on campus sidewalks.

Annual parking is purchased online. Temporary vendor parking is available through Parking Services' Customer Service office.

For additional information visit the business parking section of our Parking Rules and Regulations or contact Parking Services by phone at 303-735-PARK (7275) or email

How to Order

Annual parking may be purchased using our online Business Parking Access Request Form.

Please allow one week for processing any orders.


Please call 303-735-PARK (7275) with any questions specific to your situation or email questions to

Event Plannning

If your department is planning an event in which four (4) or more vehicles will be brought to campus, please contact the Parking Services' Events Team at 303-492-7344. They will ensure that parking for your event is a non-event! You may also visit the Event Parking page on this site.