At times, employees may need to use their personal vehicle to conduct university business at campus locations away from their primary workplace. Campus operational parking access is used to conduct this business.

There are multiple options from which to choose including single-user and multiple-user permits. Only departments are eligible to purchase these permits.

Purchase Campus Operational Parking

Additional Lot Access

Allows for parking in specific additional lots. The specific lots are subject to availability. Employees must have a primary permit to use this permit. This permit is sold either as an annual permit valid from July 1 through June 30 or a short-term permit for three to twelve months priced by calendar month. Pricing is as follows:

  • +1 location $120/year, $10/month
  • +2 location $240/year, $20/month
  • +3 location $360/year, $30/month

Service Access

Allows for parking in any non-reserved service vehicle space on campus. It also extends the time limit in loading zones to one hour. Employees must have a primary permit to use this permit. It is sold as an annual permit running from July 1 through June 30 at $360, $30/month. Most employees will not need this level of access and applications will be reviewed to determine if this access is appropriate.

Both the Additional Lot Access and Service Access options are available in Single User or Multiple User format.

Single User

Permits are paid for by the department or business and managed by the individual for whom the permit was purchased. Vehicles are managed by the employee. These permits are not refundable but can be transferred in the event of a personnel change.

Multiple User

Permits are paid for by the department or business. License plates are managed by a designated employee of the department or business. The permit can be used by multiple users, however, only one vehicle can be assigned to a permit at a time. Pricing is the same as for Single User permits and is not refundable.

Department Operational Codes

Can be used in any visitor parking lot. They can be used by employees working away from their primary workplace. Codes are department specific and will be tallied and charged to a SpeedType. Departments are responsible for all charges. Codes can be changed upon request. Complete this form to request a code for your department's employees' use.

Permit Invite 

Can be used to send email invitations to guests to claim a permit. Invitations can be sent to multiple guests at once. Once claimed, vehicles associated with the permit are managed by the guest. The permits can be claimed up to 30 days in advance with the same location availability as one-day permits. These permits can be set up to be paid either by the department or the guest. If paid by the department, the SpeedType to be charged must be on file. Departments are only charged for claimed permits.