Carpooling offers many benefits. You save money on gas, parking and vehicle wear and tear. Sharing driving duties reduces stress, provides the opportunity to develop new friendships with other commuters and allows access to priority carpool parking. Fewer cars on the road reduces traffic congestion and pollution and, maybe best of all, sharing a ride with two others allows you free access to HOV lanes (when 3+ ride in the vehicle). CU encourages carpooling and ridesharing.

way to go program logoWay to Go - A social platform available to all CU Boulder students, staff and faculty, which networks users by alternative methods of transportation and offers incentives, prizes and a trip tracker.

guaranteed ride home program iconGuaranteed Ride Home - If you have a faculty/staff Eco Pass, the Guaranteed Ride Home program ensures that there's never a reason to worry about getting stranded at work. If your carpool or vanpool leaves without you, it will get you home free of charge.

Important note regarding insurance: Please be aware that carpooling and ridesharing may require additional insurance coverage, and you may want to explore your options for liability protection with your insurance carrier. Some insurance policies contain provisions that exclude coverage for what is referred to as "ride for hire" situations. If your carpooling arrangement involves accepting money from some passengers, for gas or otherwise, you should request written confirmation from your auto insurance company that this practice will not affect your coverage in the event of an injury accident.