Our Administrative Staff support the research enterprise and contribute to INSTAAR culture. From proposal support to IT help, staff members provide INSTAARs with a wide range of resources and services. For questions, contact individual staff or look through the Resources for INSTAARs section of the website. For info on INSTAAR's decision making, committees, bylaws, and standing rules, see governance.

Portrait of Nikki Lovenduski
Nikki Lovenduski
Interim Director, INSTAAR; Associate Professor, ATOC

Portrait of Albert Kettner
Albert Kettner
Associate Director, INSTAAR; Associate Professor, Research

Picture of Tom Marchitto
Tom Marchitto
Associate Director of Laboratories, INSTAAR; Professor, Geological Sciences

Portrait of Julio Sepúlveda
Julio Sepúlveda
Assistant Director of JEDI, INSTAAR; Associate Professor, Geological Sciences


Mallory Barndollar
Mallory Barndollar
Administrative Assistant
Silhouette of a person
Jose Constancia
Student Assistant IV
Photo of Kathleen Hale
Kathleen Hale
Post Award Specialist
Portrait of Jen Hall-Bowman
Jen Hall-Bowman
Managing Editor and Library Assistant
Portrait of Jean Lindahl
Jean Lindahl
Post Award Specialist
Portrait of David Lubinski
David Lubinski
Web Designer
Photo of Lindsay McCandless
Lindsay McCandless
Post Award Specialist
Portrait of Lynn McCready
Lynn McCready
CSDMS Executive Assistant
Picture of Becky Miller
Becky Miller
HR Specialist
Portrait of Patti Newton
Patti Newton
Operations Manager
Photo of Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Hydrologic Sciences Program Coordinator
Portrait of Alex Rose
Alex Rose
Education and Outreach Coordinator, Niwot Ridge LTER and McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER
Photo of Marisa Seitz
Marisa Seitz
Finance Director
Picture of Shelly Sommer
Shelly Sommer
Communication & Outreach Director
Portrait of Chad Stoffel
Chad Stoffel
Information Technology Director
Picture of Heather Stoffel
Heather Stoffel
Post Award Specialist