Our Postdoctoral Scholars have completed PhDs and hold temporary academic appointments at CU, where they work closely with one or several INSTAAR researchers on a specific topic. Mentoring Postdoctoral Scholars on research innovation and professional development is a key INSTAAR mission. Current postdocs with questions or concerns should contact Laura Sunberg (Postdoc Representative). Current postdocs might want to check out the CU Boulder Postdoc Peer Mentoring Program. Prospective postdocs should contact individual INSTAAR Faculty to explore potential collaborations; see Faculty pages for FellowsResearch Scientists, and Fellows Emeriti.


Photo of Josh Coupe
Josh Coupe
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Stratospheric aerosols • Paleoclimate modeling
Photo of Michael Dyonisius
Michael Dyonisius
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Ice core trace gases
Picture of Edgart Flores
Edgart Flores
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Organic geochemistry • Microbial lipodomics
Portrait of Tian Gan
Tian Gan
Postdoctoral ScholarSoftware engineer
• Hydroinformatics • Snow hydrology • Water resources management
Portrait of David Harning
David Harning
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Quaternary paleoclimate • Lake and marine sediment • Organic geochemistry • Ancient DNA • Tephra
Geological Sciences
Picture of Jonathan Henn
Jonathan Henn
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Alpine plant ecology
Headshot of Annika Horlings
Annika Horlings
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Glaciology • Glacial hydrology • Geophysics
Picture of Kristyna Kantnerova
Kristýna Kantnerová
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Stable isotope analysis • Greenhouse gases • Nitrogen cycle
Lingwei Li
Lingwei Li
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Ocean circulation modeling • Climate modeling
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Ross Palomaki
Ross Palomaki
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Snow hydrology • Remote sensing • River ice
Photo of Courtney Payne
Courtney Payne
Postdoctoral scholar
• Ocean biogeochemical cycling • Ocean modeling • High latitude environments
Generic silhouette of a person
Jennifer Pensky
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Ecohydrology
Portrait of Jonathan Raberg
Jonathan Raberg
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Paleoclimatology • Organic geochemistry • Quaternary research • Spectroscopy
Picture of Katie Rocci
Katherine Rocci
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Soil biogeochemistry • Global change
Picture of Marisa Sánchez Montes
Maria Luisa Sánchez Montes
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Paleoclimate reconstruction
Photo of Laura Sunberg
Laura Sunberg
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Environmental fluid mechanics • Coastal oceanography • Particle transport
Photo of Khum Thapa-Magar in front of very tall mountains
Khum Thapa-Magar
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Plant-insect interaction • Dryland ecology • Ecological modeling
Photo of Peyton Thomas
Peyton Thomas
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Fish physiology • Climate change impacts