Our Postdoctoral Scholars have completed PhDs and hold temporary academic appointments at CU, where they work closely with one or several INSTAAR researchers on a specific topic. Mentoring Postdoctoral Scholars on research innovation and professional development is a key INSTAAR mission. Current postdocs with questions or concerns should contact Kristýna Kantnerová (Postdoc Representative). Prospective postdocs should contact individual INSTAAR Faculty to explore potential collaborations; see Faculty pages for FellowsResearch Scientists, and Fellow Emeriti.


Portrait of  Nicolò Ardenghi
Nicolò Ardenghi
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Paleoclimate • Biomarkers • Environmental analytical chemistry
Portrait of Brandee Carlson
Brandee Carlson
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Coastal sediment transport • Geomorphology
Photo of Josh Coupe
Josh Coupe
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Stratospheric aerosols • Paleoclimate modeling
Picture of Edgart Flores
Edgart Flores
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Organic geochemistry • Microbial lipodomics
Picture of Matthias Fuchs
Matthias Fuchs
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Permafrost • Soil carbon • Methane emissions
Portrait of Tian Gan
Tian Gan
Postdoctoral ScholarSoftware engineer
• Hydroinformatics • Snow hydrology • Water resources management
Portrait of David Harning
David Harning
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Quaternary paleoclimate • Lake and marine sediment • Organic geochemistry • Ancient DNA • Tephra
Geological Sciences
Picture of Jonathan Henn
Jonathan Henn
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Alpine plant ecology
Portrait of Dean Howard
Dean Howard
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Atmospheric pollution • Micrometeorology • Boundary layer meteorology • Emissions • Mercury
Portrait of Kyotaek Hwang
Kyotaek Hwang
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Critical zone ecohydrology • Ecohydrological remote sensing • Water/energy balance
Portrait of Katya Jay
Katya Jay
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Plant ecology • Climate change
Picture of Kristyna Kantnerova
Kristýna Kantnerová
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Stable isotope analysis • Greenhouse gases • Nitrogen cycle
Picture of Benjamin Lehmann
Benjamin Lehmann
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Mountain geomorphology • Quaternary studies
Picture of Cara Nissen
Cara Nissen
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Ocean biogeochemical cycles • Bio-physical interactions • Ocean modeling
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Generic silhouette of a person
Jennifer Pensky
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Ecohydrology
Portrait of Jonathan Raberg
Jonathan Raberg
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Paleoclimatology • Organic geochemistry • Quaternary research • Spectroscopy
Picture of Marisa Repasch
Marisa Repasch
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Fluvial geomorphology • Isotope geochemistry • Carbon cycle
Picture of Katie Rocci
Katherine Rocci
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Soil biogeochemistry • Global change
Picture of Marisa Sánchez Montes
Maria Luisa Sánchez Montes
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Paleoclimate reconstruction
Generic silhouette of a person
Jason Shabaga
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Biogeochemistry • Soil carbon cycling
Photo of Khum Thapa-Magar in front of very tall mountains
Khum Thapa-Magar
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Plant-insect interaction • Dryland ecology • Ecological modeling
Photo of Peyton Thomas
Peyton Thomas
Postdoctoral Scholar
Portrait of Elisa Van Cleemput
Elisa Van Cleemput
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Functional ecology • Plant invasion • Biodiversity • Remote sensing