Our Research Staff keep our labs and programs running and ensure the quality of research results. Many also train students in the lab and field as well as engage in public outreach and tours. They represent a source of knowledge, talent, and experience that's critical to INSTAAR’s mission. Current staff with questions or concerns should contact Jen Morse (Staff Representative). Prospective staff should check the Jobs page and consider contacting individual INSTAAR Faculty: FellowsResearch Scientists, and Fellows Emeriti.


Portrait of Chloe Brashear
Chloe Brashear
Professional Research Assistant, SIL
Portrait of Patrick Cappa
Patrick Cappa
Lab Chemist, NSRL 14CSenior Professional Research Assistant
• Wet lab chemistry • Isotope chemistry • Geochronology
Reid Clark
Professional Scientist, Stable Isotope Lab
Portrait of Chris Florian
Chris Florian
Research Associate
Geological Sciences
Silhouette of a person
Yang Han
Professional Research Assistant
Photo of Brooke Holman
Brooke Holman
Professional Research Assistant, Sepúlveda Lab
Photo of Nicole Hornslein
Nicole Hornslein
Professional Research Assistant
Portrait of Leanne Lestak
Leanne Lestak
GIS/Remote Sensing SpecialistSenior Professional Research Associate
• Snow hydrology • Coastal change • Flooding
Portrait of Syvia Englund Michel
Sylvia Michel
Assistant Laboratory Manager, SIL
• Stable isotope mass spectrometry • IDL coding language
Portrait of Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan
Lab Engineer, NSRL 14CSenior Professional Research Associate
• Atmospheric carbon isotopes • Arctic permafrost carbon cycle dynamics
Portrait of Valerie Morris
Valerie Morris
Laboratory Technician, SIL
• Greenhouse gases • Isotopic analysis of ice cores
Portrait of Jen Morse
Jennifer Morse
Climate, Water, Snow Technician, MRSResearch Staff Representative
• Climate measurements • Field logistics
Silhouette of a person
John Ortega
Professional Research Associate, SIL
• Analysis of stable isotopes
Photo of Eric Parrish
Eric Parrish
Scientific IllustratorData Manager, Dynamic Water CZ
• Graphics • GIS-based products • Scientific illustration
Portrait of Rob Ross
Rob Ross
Project Manager, CCB
Portrait of Wendy Roth
Wendy Roth
Laboratory ManagerArctic Workshop CoordinatorLaboratory Coordinator II
Silhouette of a person
Jane G. Smith
Vegetation researcher, Niwot Ridge LTERResearch Associate
• Biogeochemistry • Plant/vegetation ecology • Soil science
Photo of Brigit Stattelman-Scanlan
Brigit Stattelman-Scanlan
Professional Research Assistant
• Climate justice • Resiliency
Portrait of Maria Stoica
Maria Stoica
Research Associate, CSDMS
• Building geoscience ontologies • Scientific programming
Silhouette of a person
James Walega
Senior Professional Research Assistant, ALTAiR
Portrait of Kathy Welch
Kathy Welch
Project Manager, MCM-LTERSenior Professional Research Assistant
• McMurdo Dry Valleys • Antarctica • Geochemistry
Portrait of Chad Wolak
Chad Wolak
Laboratory Manager, NSRL 14CSenior Professional Research Assistant
Photo of Sammy Yevak
Sammy Yevak
Lead Aquatic Research Technician, Niwot Ridge LTER