Our Faculty Research Scientists have appointments at INSTAAR. They lead and participate in research projects and programs, and often mentor students and otherwise contribute to INSTAAR’s education mission.


Portrait of Robert Brakenridge
Robert Brakenridge
Senior Research AssociateFounder & Associate Director, DFO Flood Observatory
• Surface water changes
Photo of Fernando Briones
Fernando Briones
Research Affiliate
• Resilience • Social vulnerability • Disaster risk reduction
Environmental Studies
Picture of Alton Byers
Alton C. Byers
Senior Research AssociateCo-Manager, High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP)Senior Fellow, The Mountain Institute
• Alpine conservation and restoration
Portrait of Gary Clow
Gary Clow
Senior Research AssociateResearch Geophysicist
• Thermal geophysics • Polar sciences • Climate change
Portrait of Mickey Glantz
Mickey Glantz
Senior Research AssociateDirector, Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB)
• Societal impacts of El Niño events and climate change
Portrait of Eric Hutton
Eric Hutton
Chief Software Engineer, CSDMSResearch Associate
Portrait of Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins
Research AssociateSenior Research Fellow, University of Adelaide
• Marine geology • Stratigraphy • Data integration
Portrait of Craig M. Lee
Craig M. Lee
Research Associate
• Environmental archaeology • Human responses to climate change • Archaeometry
Picture of Sebastien Lenard
Sebastien Lenard
Research AssociateResearch Software Engineer
• Climate change • Snow • Remote sensing • Software • Computing
Portrait of William F. Manley
William F. Manley
Research Associate
• Arctic data science • Geospatial analysis of environmental change
Portrait of Martin W. Miles
Martin W. Miles
Research AssociateResearch Scientist II, NORCE/Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
• Arctic sea ice • Greenland and Nordic seas
Photo of Caj Neubauer
Caj Neubauer
Research Affiliate
• Analysis of stable isotopes • Amino acids • Nitrate
Picture of Cynthia Nevison
Cynthia Nevison
Research Associate
• Biochemistry • Biosphere-atmosphere interactions
Picture of Cara Nissen
Cara Nissen
Research Associate
• Ocean biogeochemical cycles • Bio-physical interactions • Ocean modeling
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Portrait of Mark Piper
Mark Piper
Research AssociateResearch Software Engineer, CSDMS
Portrait of Chris Ray
Chris Ray
Research Associate
• Animal ecology • Pikas
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Portrait of Dirk Richter
Dirk Richter
Research Associate
• Airborne atmospheric research
Photo of Karl Rittger
Karl Rittger
Research Associate
• Remote sensing of ice and snow • Earth energy and water balance • Large-scale data modeling
Portrait of Kimberly G. Rogers
Kimberly G. Rogers
Research Associate
• Environmental governance • Continental margin evolution
Portrait of Tania Schoennagel
Tania Schoennagel
Assistant Professor Adjunct
• Fire ecology • Landscape ecology • Dendrochronolgy
Portrait of Sharon Stammerjohn
Sharon Stammerjohn
Senior Research AssociateAdjunct Assoc Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
• Polar oceanography and climate
Photo of Petter Weibring
Petter Weibring
Research Associate
• Optical remote sensing
Portrait of Will Wieder
Will Wieder
Investigator, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
• Soil biochemistry • Earth system modeling • Tropical forest ecology
Portrait of Tsegay Wolde-Georgis
Tsegay Wolde-Georgis
Research Associate
• Climate and society • Capacity building