Our Affiliates are senior-level scientists, journalists, communicators, and artists. While not employed through INSTAAR, they work closely with INSTAAR researchers on a wide range of climate and environmental science projects, art-science collaborations, and public engagement. Prospective affiliates should contact individual INSTAAR Fellows to explore potential partnerships.


Portrait of Laura Backus
Laura Backus
INSTAAR AffiliateTechnical Advisor, Wildlands Restoration VolunteersEcologist, Engineers Without Borders
• Restoration of riparian ecology • Flood recovery
Portrait of James Balog
James Balog
INSTAAR AffiliateDirector, Extreme Ice Survey
• Photography • Glaciers
Picture of Peter Brannen
Peter Brannen
INSTAAR AffiliateScience journalist
• Paleoclimate • Science communication
Picture of Diane Burko
Diane Burko
INSTAAR AffiliateArtist
• Global change • Science communication
Picture of Daniela Cusack
Daniela Cusack
INSTAAR AffiliateAssociate Professor of Ecosystem Science & Sustainability, Colorado State UniversityResearch Associate, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
• Alpine and rainforest soil biogeochemistry
Picture of Melisa Diaz
Melisa Diaz
INSTAAR AffiliateAssistant Professor, The Ohio State University
• Geochemistry & biogeochemistry of the cryosphere & urban environment
Picture of Steve Dykstra
Steven Dykstra
INSTAAR AffiliatePostdoctoral Research Fellow, University of South Carolina
• River-marine transitions • Flood risk • Human impacts
Picture of Scott Elias
Scott Elias
INSTAAR AffiliateProfessor of Geography, University of London Royal Holloway
• Quaternary studies • Paleoecology
Chris Florian
Chris Florian
INSTAAR AffiliateResearch Scientist, NEON
Picture of Áslaug Geirsdóttir
Áslaug Geirsdóttir
INSTAAR AffiliateProfessor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
• Quaternary stratigraphy • Glacial geology • Paleoclimatology
Portrait of Katya Jay
Katya Jay
INSTAAR AffiliatePostdoc, NEON & CU Boulder ESIL
• Plant ecology • Climate change
Picture of Tim Kittel
Timothy Kittel
Research AffiliateLecturer, CU Mountain Research StationEditor-in-Chief, Climate
• Global change biology • Climate science
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Picture of Joey Knelman
Joey Knelman
INSTAAR AffiliateScience writer
• Microbial ecology • Biogeochemistry • UX design research
Portrait of John Knowles
John Knowles
INSTAAR AffiliateAssistant Professor of Ecohydrology, California State University Chico
• Ecosystem hydrology • Ecosystem ecology
Picture of Josh Koch
Josh Koch
INSTAAR AffiliateResearch Hydrologist, US Geological Survey
• Surface water-groundwater interactions • Hyporheic zone hydrology and biogeochemistry
Portrait of Kerry Koepping
Kerry Koepping
INSTAAR AffiliateDirector, The Arctic Arts Project
• Climate change photography • Science communication
Picture of Delwyn Moller
Delwyn Moller
INSTAAR AffiliateAdjunct Professor, University of AucklandTechnical Consultant, Restore Lab Ltd.
• Remote sensing systems for Earth sciences
Photo of Sheila Murphy
Sheila Murphy
INSTAAR AffiliateResearch Hydrologist, US Geological Survey
• Water quality • Disturbance • Wildfires • Runoff • Surface water
Photo of Eric Sokol
Eric Sokol
INSTAAR AffiliateQuantitative Ecologist, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
Photo of Ethan Welty
Ethan Welty
INSTAAR AffiliatePostdoctoral Researcher, University of ZürichPhotographer, Ethan Welty Photography
• Glacier dynamics • Environmental photography • Computer vision