Our Fellows Emeriti are retired faculty but remain professionally active and contribute to the goals and mission of INSTAAR.


Portrait of Ned Andrews
Edmund Andrews
Senior Research Associate EmeritusSenior Scientist, Otis Bay Ecological Consultants
• Hydrology • Fluvial processes • River morphology
Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program
Portrait of John Andrews
John T. Andrews
Professor Emeritus
• Quaternary and glacial geology of the Arctic • Ice-ocean interactions
Geological Sciences • Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Picture of John Behrendt
John Behrendt
Senior Research Associate Emeritus
• Geophysics • Tectonics • Glaciology • Antarctic history
Geological Sciences
Photo of T. Nelson Caine
T. Nelson Caine
Professor Emeritus
• Geomorphology • Hydrology
Portrait of John Hoffecker
John F. Hoffecker
Fellow EmeritusResearch Affiliate, Anthropology, University of KansasAdjunct Research Associate, Illinois State Museum
• Archaeology • Human paleoecology
Photo of Scott Lehman
Scott J. Lehman
Fellow EmeritusDirector, Laboratory for AMS Radiocarbon Preparation and Research (NSRL)
• Paleoclimatology • Paleoceanography • Radiocarbon research
Portrait of Wes LeMasurier
Wesley E. LeMasurier
Senior Research Associate EmeritusProfessor Emeritus, Geology, University of Colorado Denver
• Volcanology • Igneous petrology
Portrait of Vera Markgraf
Vera Markgraf
Research Professor Emerita
• Paleoclimates of South America and Southern Hemisphere • Inter-and intra-hemispheric paleoclimate correlations
Portrait of Jaia Syvitski
Jaia Syvitski
Professor Emerita
• Oceanography • Hydrology • Numerical modeling • Geophysics
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences • Geological Sciences • Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program
Photo of Pieter Tans
Pieter Tans
Fellow Emeritus
• Climate and global change • Stable isotopes and paleoclimate • Biogeochemical cycles • Atmospheric composition measurements