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CATSLife is a multi-site team project with team members in the USA in California (University of California - Riverside, California), Colorado (University of Colorado - Boulder), and London, UK (King’s College London).

CATSLife Group

From left to right: Amy Ledbetter, Brett Haberstick, John DeFries, Elizabeth Muñoz Diaz (University of California, Riverside; UCR) Paige Trubenstein (UCR), Corinne Gunn, Chandra Reynolds (UCR), John Hewitt, Sally Wadsworth, Mike Stallings, Naomi Friedman, Robin Corley, Soo Rhee, Andy Smolen; Not pictured: Robert Plomin, Saskia Selzam (Kings College London)



Team CU Boulder 

Team King’s College London   

Team UC Riverside 

  • Ilana Bennett, PhD, Co-Investigator
  • Ryan Bruellman, MS, Graduate Researcher
  • Tina T. Vo, MA, Graduate Researcher

Team Penn State

Team UT Austin