It starts with the position. 

Hiring, promotions and most other personnel actions all start with the position. Managers and supervisors are responsible assigning work, defining the job, hiring and evaluating performance, determining work hours, identifying positions to be created or abolished, and assigning employees to positions. Similarly situated parties should be treated in a similar fashion, and decisions should be based on justifiable business reasons.

The university is a part of the State of Colorado personnel system; and those positions that the state system applies to are known as classified staff. Non-classified staff positions are referred to as university staff and are eligible under Colorado statute (C.R.S. 24-50-135) to be exempted from the rules, procedures and regulations that govern the state of Colorado personnel system.Human Resources provides position review and compensation services for all staff and research positions. 

Find your HR Position Management Consultant

Understanding Roles

  • When you need to create, change or fill a classified or university staff position, please contact your Boulder HR Position Management/Compensation (PMC) consultant as soon as possible.  An HR Recruiter can’t begin the job posting or recruitment process until the position’s job title and salary level are assessed and approved by the PMC consultant. See the Position Management Review Workflow as a guide.
  • All CU Boulder staff position descriptions and job postings are managed online through the Position Management Portal. To start the process, login with your CU IdentiKey to create a new staff position or to modify/edit an existing position and route it for review and approval.
  • Once the position review process is complete, an HR Recruiter will be notified through the online system that the position is ready and will contact you to begin recruiting discussions. See more information about the Hiring and Search Process.
  • If the position change includes a job code change for an occupied position, a draft offer letter will be generated through the online portal and sent to the department for review. If the position change is for an occupied position and does not include a job code change, use the Position Management Portal to request an addendum letter if a change in pay, percent of time, or other change is needed for the employee.

  • Your PMC consultant will work with you to ensure the position description is complete and will recommend changes or additions as needed.
  • The PMC consultant will determine the appropriate job code and job title for the position based on the work assignment described in the position description and will assign the job to the appropriate pay range.
  • The PMC consultant will ensure that the position description content is routed to the HR service center approval team to be entered and approved in HCM  and that a Position Number is created if applicable.
  • The PMC consultant will notify you and the HR recruiting team (if applicable) through the online Position Management Portal once the position and salary review work is complete so you can begin working on a job posting for recruiting. See more information about the Hiring and Search Process.