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If you use Cornerstone for Performance Mgmt:

Why Cornerstone for Performance Management?

The University of Colorado Boulder made the decision to implement a new online performance management solution (Cornerstone) to better support our collective efforts toward improving talent management on campus. The specific goals of this implementation are to:

  • Alleviate the administrative burden of our existing and varied performance management processes
  • Better align work occurring across campus in support of specific unit goals and theChancellor’s strategicimperatives
  • Introduce campus competencies more broadly to demonstrate the importance that work be accomplished in a manner consistent with campus values and the ColoradoCreed
  • Facilitate more frequent and meaningful conversations between employees and managersas they relate to goal alignment, performance, and employeedevelopment
  • Better calibrate how different performance ratings are utilized across campus to ensure they are assigned fairly andequitably

Cornerstone Help Request Form

Performance User Guides

Cornerstone User Guide

This guide is for supervisors and employees. (Classified and University Staff)

Cornerstone User Guide

Reporting User Guide

 Cornerstone FAQ

If you do not use Cornerstone:

 CU Boulder Performance Management User Guide

 CU Boulder Planning and Evaluation Form - Automatic Calculations Version (Word format)
(this version is formatted to populate the summary table and perform calculations for you, however cannot be manipulated to add more than 9 goals)

  CU Boulder Planning and Evaluation Form - Manual Calculations Version (Word format)
(this version is formatted to manually enter scores and perform calculations on the summary table, and can be manipulated to add more than 9 goals) 

 PM Checklist (Feb 2014)

The purpose of the performance evaluation is to provide the employee with substantive feedback about his/her success in achieving the goals that the supervisor set for the employee in the employee’s performance plan at the beginning of the performance cycle. The evaluation forms the basis for the overall performance rating and is the justification for any merit increase.

  • Regardless of whether departments choose to develop their own plans, all departments must submit a written evaluation for each university staff member and must use PART I of the  University Staff Planning and Evaluation Template when assigning performance ratings to their employees. For employees holding multiple university staff appointments, supervisors must indicate to which university staff position number(s) the rating form and evaluation form apply. 
  • The employee has the right to attach a response to the evaluation and rating form. The supervisor and employee will sign the performance rating form to acknowledge that the rating has been discussed. The supervisor will retain the original signed rating form and evaluation and will provide a copy to the employee.

A copy of the employee’s evaluation and performance rating, signed by both the employee and the employee’s supervisor, must be submitted to Human Resources, 565 UCB, by March 1st each year.