General Questions

Why did the Board of Regents approve a change in the merit salary pool cycle from fiscal year to calendar year?

This change will allow decisions on merit pool increases to be made once fall census has occurred and the campus has a more accurate picture of its revenue outlook for the year.

Which employee populations are included in the fiscal year to calendar year compensation cycle date shift?
  • The compensation cycle date shift impacts regular faculty and university staff.
  • The compensation cycle date for classified staff will remain July 1.
  • The compensation cycle date for research faculty is still under evaluation. 
Won’t this shift create a large gap between the end of the current performance management cycles and the payout of any merit increases? Will there be a change to performance management cycle timelines to address this?

The campuses are meeting to address the performance cycle in light of the compensation cycle shift.  More information will be released as soon as it is decided.