Environmental engineers in this option apply their skills to support global poverty reduction. The Mortenson Center in Global Engineering and Resilience at the University of Colorado Boulder seeks to examine the role and ultimately the impact of engineers in global development. Together, engineers can work alongside countries, communities, and other professionals to identify and dismantle the underlying causes of persistent global poverty.

Environmental Engineering Technical Electives (upper-division)

Students select at least Two courses from this list (or a second from list A, no double counting). Faculty can petition to add additional courses.

Courses below are 1 credit each they are 5 week sessions each; student must complete 3 sessions to satisfy an option course (3 credits):

See more information on the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering website

Global Engineering Minor

You may be interested in the Global Engineering Minor focusing on how to operate in an international context from an engineering perspective, including international teamwork. Students take courses in global perspective, regional/local perspective, foreign language and acquire a global experience (approved study, research, or internship abroad, or equivalent experience) in coherence with a language/regional course selection.

Humanities and Social Science Electives 

These electives complement the Global Engineering interest area.

  • ANTH 1150-3 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Regional Cultures of Africa
  • HIST 3218-3 Seminar of African History
  • COMM 3410-3 Intercultural Communication
  • ETHN 3201/INVS/LDSP 3100-3-4 Multicultural Leadership: Theories, Principles, and Practices
  • GEOG/WMST 3672-3 Gender and Global Economy
  • GEOG 4742-3 Environment and Peoples
  • GEOG 4812-3 Environment and Development in South America
  • GEOG 4822-3 Environment and Development in China
  • INVS 4302/PSCI 4732-3 Critical Thinking in Development
  • PSCI 4012-3 Global Development
  • PSCI 4783-3 Global Issues
  • WMST 2600-3 Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Context
  • SOCY/WMST 3012-3 Women, Development, and Fertility
  • WMST 3670-3 Immigrant Women in the Global Economy 

Note: you may need to petition a "thoughtful grouping" of these courses if they are not already approved HSS courses and many of these courses have pre-requisites or recommended pre-requisites, so plan ahead.

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