Beginning in the spring semester of their third year, EVEN students begin a three course (nine (9) credit hours) sequence in environmental engineering. They will take one 3-credit “environmental engineering design” course from those in list A and two additional (6-credits) “environmental engineering upper-division technical elective” courses from list B (or a second from list A, no double counting).*
*Effective only for students graduating in December 2016 and later

  • CVEN 3424 Water and Wastewater Treatment (3 credits, S; prerequisites: CVEN 3414.)
  • CVEN 3323 Hydraulic Engineering (3 credits, F; prerequisites: CVEN 3313 or MCEN 3021 or GEEN 3853 or AREN 2120 or CHEN 3200.)
  • MCEN 3032 Thermo 2 (3 credits, F/S; prerequisites: Thermo, Fluids and DiffEq / Linear Alg all min grade of C.)
  • CHEN 3220 Chemical Engineering Separations and Mass Transfer (3 credits, S; prerequisites: CHEN 3210 or MCEN 3022 and CHEN 3320.)
  • CVEN 4474 Hazardous Waste Management (3 credits, I*; prerequisites: CVEN 3414.)

*Note: "I" indicates a class on an intermittent schedule.

List B Environmental Engineering Technical Electives (upper-division)- at least two courses from this list (or a second from list A, no double counting). Faculty can petition to add additional courses.

Air Quality               Energy Conversion          Solid & Hazardous Waste Management

Applied Ecology     Chemical Processing     Global Engineering

Water Resources and Treatment  

Students are encouraged to select courses that meet their career goals and interests.  This may include courses within a similar theme, or cross-cut a breadth of environmental engineering topics. As such, this list is organized under various specialization topics within environmental engineering.  Environmental engineering design courses from List A also fit under these various specialization topics.
It can be critical that early in the curriculum that students pay careful attention to pre-requisites for these technical electives.  All courses that are numbered 5000 or above are graduate level courses and can only be taken with instructor permission; students should consult carefully with their advisor before selecting a graduate level course.  Graduate level courses are good options for double-counting for students admitted to the BS/MS program.