We understand that coming to a new place has its challenges and facing the unknown could cause some stress.  Our Peer Mentor Program is created to help ease your transition to CU Boulder!

Our Peer Mentors are in their JR or SR years and have experienced CU Boulder and college life for a while now.  They are hand selected and eager to help guide and teach you things about your new adventure in life.  Every new student will be matched up with a peer mentor.

Throughout the year they will work with you in small groups to show you the ropes!  You will meet most during orientation and then officially during our EVEN 1000 Intro to Environmental course.  They will communicate to you via email as a main choice.

Peer Mentors groups consist of 6-8 students that live in the same residency or nearby.  This is also where your Peer Mentor lived during their first year.  This means that you will now get to know more people in your living space at a faster pace and they are interested in the same major as you!

You and your Peer Mentor Group could be heading out to an informal dinner before your first mid-terms!  Listen to their advice! Study!  They may gather your group for a lecture, concert, and many other college events CU Boulder has to offer.

The Peer Mentors are here to provide assistance, motivation, and encouragement to you as you are in discovery mode.  Reach out to them when you need too, as many of you may find a lifelong friend and guide for your years at CU Boulder.

As a Mentee your role will be to:

  • Be open-minded for suggestions
  • Get to know your mentor
  • Participate in Peer Mentor Program activities
  • Attend EVEN 1000 course
  • Maintain contact with your mentor
  • Strive for success

Your benefits will be:

  • To learn more about CU Boulder campus and surrounding community
  • To build self esteem
  • To be successful in your academic career
  • Meet new people and a make friends