Senior ProjectC/EVEN 5/4434 is the capstone design course for EVEN seniors. Students choose a single project from an array of options spanning environmental engineering: water, energy, developing communities, applied ecology, hazardous waste and air quality. Project teams then execute a semester-long project in three phases:

  1. Project proposal
  2. Alternatives assessment
  3. Preliminary design

Each project is an authentic, current issue with a client, technical advisor and industry mentor. Each phase of the project culminates in a written deliverable and oral presentation. Many projects are associated with national competitions.

There are three major course outcomes:

  • Work as a team to solve a large, authentic engineering problem using all your skills.
  • Design a complete system after having evaluated alternatives on a standardized triple bottom line basis.
  • Communicate your design in written reports and oral presentations.

C/EVEN 5/4434 Spring 2023 Syllabus

Process From Start to Finish

  1. Projects are presented to class. Students vote which project they would most like to work on and are assigned to projects and teams.
  2. Teams create written proposals for their project and present on their proposals.
  3. Teams complete exhaustive alternatives assessments and present on their findings. Teams defend which alternative is the best fit to meet the project goal.
  4. Teams create preliminary designs to meet the project goal and present and report on finished products.