Video: CU Engineering Alumni Awards 2022 celebration

Video: Building a better tomorrow at CU Boulder's College of Engineering and Applied Science

May 20, 2022

Each year, the College and the University of Colorado Boulder recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves through outstanding personal qualities, knowledge, and significant contributions in their engineering discipline. The College of Engineering & Applied Science recognizes alumni achievements with three annual awards: the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Awards (DEAA), the Recent Alumni Award (RAA), and the Alumni Engagement Medal (AEM).

Kiewit Design-Build Scholars at a job site with video play button graphic

Video: Mentorship in the Kiewit Design-Build Scholars Program

Jan. 24, 2022

In the Kiewit Design-Build Scholars Program, students have an abundance of mentorship opportunities: from visiting job sites, networking with industry, participating in discussion forums, working on service-learning projects, obtaining hands-on experiences to much more.

Tamara Silbergleit Lehman teaching a student

Video: How Tamara Silbergleit Lehman balances security and performance

Jan. 7, 2022

In her computer engineering lab, Assistant Professor Tamara Silbergleit Lehman and her team are exploring ways to make computing devices more secure, while also maintaining performance.

fire ants

Video: Emergent behavior in fire ants

Jan. 6, 2022

Studying emergent behavior has long fascinated engineers, and researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder just uncovered a distinct behavior in colonies of fire ants cooperating in flood situations.

Exoplanet mapping instrument

Bringing space inside the lab: Researchers replicate the climates of exoplanets to help find extraterrestrial life

Dec. 15, 2021

Professor Greg Rieker and Ryan Cole (PhDMechEngr’21) have developed an experiment that recreates the climates of planets beyond our solar system right in the lab. By reaching the same high-temperature and high-pressure conditions found on many exoplanets, the instrument can map their atmospheres, which could help humanity detect life outside our solar system.

Sherri Cook

Video: How Professor Sherri Cook uses sustainable water treatment systems

Dec. 10, 2021

When working with University of Colorado Boulder Assistant Professor Sherri Cook, you'll push beyond the boundaries of what's possible. Watch and learn how she's building a more sustainable future, for everyone, through clean water systems.

Top Video Highlights of 2021 graphic

Top Video Highlights of 2021

Looking back, 2021 has proven to be a year of strength and resilience. Even with the challenges we’ve faced, our community has continued – and will continue – to break barriers, persevere, and most importantly, excel in what we do best: engineering.

Will Medlin is the Department Chair for Chemical and Biological Engineering and his group investigates reactions for renewable and sustainable energy applications.

Video: How Professor Will Medlin turns waste into energy

Nov. 19, 2021

Will Medlin is the Department Chair for Chemical and Biological Engineering and his group investigates reactions for renewable and sustainable energy applications.

CU Boulder researcher Laurel Hind in her lab with students

Video: Engineering immune response to infection with Laurel Hind

Sept. 17, 2021

Laurel Hind is an Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering studying the innate immune response to infection using engineered models.

Keith Molenaar

First Generation Stories: Keith Molenaar

Aug. 25, 2021

Keith Molenaar is a first-generation college graduate and the acting dean of the College of Engineering and Applied science. His journey through college relied on the encouragement of his parents and the friends who supported him.