High-Speed Beverage Can Manufacturing

  • Golden, Colorado (2 hours)

Ball Corporation manufactures more than 100 billion beverage cans per year worldwide for large and small beverage brand owners, including Coke, Pepsi, Molson Coors, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken, Red Bull, Monster, Oskar Blues, Avery Brewing and many more. Tour a major manufacturing facility and learn what it takes to create these packages at speeds that move more quickly than your eyes can track. Learn about Ball operations and the engineering skills required to get the job done and make 300 million cans per day.

Aerospace Satellite Manufacturing

  • Fisher Manufacturing Center, Boulder, Colorado (2 hours)

Ball Aerospace has created some of the nation’s most valuable space assets for decades, from deep space probes to Earth observation satellites. Tour a real satellite manufacturing facility and learn about jobs that are out of this world.


Aerospace Sensor Technologies

  • Westminster, Colorado (2 hours)

Tour a high-tech sensor manufacturing facility where engineers develop some of the most advanced technologies for government customers, including sensors, UAVs, antennas for fighter jets and more.

Beverage Packaging Marketing and Innovation

  • Westminster, Colorado (2 hours)

Ball is a leader in innovation. Learn how an international corporation stays ahead of the competition with new and improved processes, products and techniques for the beverage industry. Tour a mini-pilot beverage can manufacturing line, labs and graphics areas. Get insight into the company’s marketing approach and what it takes for a business-to-business operation to earn the trust of its customers and help deliver new products.


  • Broomfield, Colorado (1.5 hours)

Ball has earned the top ranking on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the past five years. Balancing economic, environmental and social impacts, learn why sustainability is so important at Ball and how the company works to weave sustainability throughout its people, communities and operations. Leaders will discuss the sustainability credentials of Ball products, which are 100 percent and infinitely recyclable.


  • Broomfield, Colorado (1.5 hours)

Ball had $11 billion in net sales last year. Learn from the CFO and other finance professionals about the philosophies that have helped the company deliver value to shareholders. Hear what it takes to manage the finances of a multi-dimensional corporation spanning 120 locations in 35 countries.

Supply Chain

  • Broomfield, Colorado (1.5 hours)

Ball has a diverse business portfolio, including beverage cans, food and aerosol cans, and aerospace technologies. Managing the supply chain and procurement for these businesses is a complicated endeavor – one that requires a special business acumen. Learn about the distinct differences in working with suppliers on the packaging side, along with the government contracting components of aerospace.

Wrap-Up and Celebration

  • 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Join fellow student participants and representatives from Ball Corporation and CU Boulder for a wrap-up event and celebration on campus.