CU Boulder’s materials science and engineering initiative is an interdisciplinary endeavor involving departments and facilities throughout the college as well as biology, chemistry and biochemistry, and physics.

Related Research Centers

  • Center for Aerospace Structures develops innovative analytical models and experiments for the next generation of aerospace structures and systems.
  • Center for Membrane Applied Science & Technology is one of NSF's longest running industry/university cooperative research centers. The center advances membrane technology in separation processes through research and development​, promotes education in membrane science and engineering​, and provides effective technology transfer between the center and its industrial partners.
  • I/UCRC for Fundamentals and Application of Photopolymerization advances the fundamental understanding of the kinetics and mechanisms of photopolymerizations. It enables active collaborations among industrial and academic investigators who are exploring cutting-edge research on photopolymerization processes, and are developing novel applications based upon the unique set of advantages offered by photopolymerizations.

Participating Departments

The interdisciplinary Materials Science and Engineering initiative is advanced in research programs across multiple engineering departments:

Affiliated Programs

  • Soft Materials Research Center comprises two interdisciplinary research groups that unite the fields of physics, chemistry, chemical and biological engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering toward the creation, understanding, development and application of novel, soft materials.
  • JILA Keck Optical Measurement Laboratory a multidisciplinary institute operated jointly by the University of Colorado Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. JILA researchers have produced innovative developments in lasers and optical science and use laser technology in fundamental research in physics and chemistry.