BS 2014, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, PES Institute of Technology-IndiaPratyush Rawal headshot

MS 2018, Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Electrical Design Engineer | Phihong USA Corp.

Current city: San Jose, CA

My career path: After completing my BS, I worked for 2 years as a Software Analyst at AIG Data Services. I realized that I would like to design hardware rather than software and thus entered the MS program at CU. The various courses involving hardware design prepared me to work on real life problems involving power electronics circuits. I am currently working in the domain of small size, low cost, high efficiency power adaptors.

My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador: In this fast paced life, the human interaction is limited to your own domain. I am interested in learning about other professions, their challenges and success stories. As a recent alumni, I know the challenges faced by new Buffs and would like to help the ones moving to the Bay area.

Personal interests: Traveling, Hiking, History Podcasts, Meeting new people

Contact me: Email