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ON CUE Podcast: New Biomedical Engineering Degree Program

May 29, 2020

Students within the College of Engineering and Applied Science will take their first courses in this exciting field through a new Biomedical Engineering degree program which launches this fall.

Graduate student Colleen McCollum spreads the word about antimicrobial resistance mediation on campus at CU Boulder.

On CUE Podcast: The Anti-Microbial Resistance Mediation Outreach Program (ARMOR)

May 13, 2020

The Anti-Microbial Resistance Mediation Outreach Program, also known as ARMOR, is a graduate student led international effort to develop public awareness of and research into the threat of widespread anti-microbial resistance (AMR). On today's episode of On CUE, we sit down with the team and discuss the global threat AMR poses, the origins of the ARMOR program and steps the team has taken to shed a light on an unseen issue.

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On CUE Podcast: New Interim Dean Keith Molenaar

Jan. 13, 2020

On this edition of On CUE, Interim Dean Keith Molenaar talks about his priorities for the future of the college and how he feels about stepping into the new role. Molenaar also outlines his priorities for the future of our college, including maintaining consistency with the goals, vision and culture that Bobby Braun put in place during his tenure here over the last three years.

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On CUE Podcast: A look into the ProReady initiative with Ben Weihrauch

Nov. 25, 2019

This episode of On CUE spotlights one of the college's brand new initiatives for student professional development: ProReady. Senior Director of Student Professional Development Ben Weihrauch walks us through how the idea came about, why it will be pivotal for students and how you can get involved.

Segil and Pao

On CUE Podcast: Jacob Segil and Lucy Pao - innovators in the college

Nov. 18, 2019

On this edition of On CUE, we're looking at two research projects at the college that could be transformational at both the individual and global levels. Jacob Segil breaks down his inventive prosthetics capable of "feeling" and Lucy Pao gives us an inside look at how she and her team aim to drastically reduce the cost of wind energy.


On CUE Podcast: Veteran's Day Special with Lieutenant Colonel Brodie Hoyer

Nov. 11, 2019

In this Veteran's Day special, Lieutenant Colonel Brodie Hoyer steps out of the lab and into the On CUE recording booth. We cover everything from military activity on campus, his experiences both studying and teaching engineering at West Point and the research he is currently conducting in the Advanced Medical...

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PhD student Jordan Dixon interviewed for Brainwaves podcast

Aug. 28, 2019

Dixon is working on augmented reality lenses for NASA’s astronauts that could one day help people who are blind.

Eric Frew talking in his lab before deployment

Podcast: AES Professor Frew on drone based storm research, airborne scientists and the movie "Twister"

July 1, 2019

OnCue talked to Professor Eric Frew about how drones are contributing to cutting edge storm research, long travel days with the project, and expectation versus reality in the '90s classic tornado movie "Twister."

Diane McKnight during a fieldwork visit to the McMurdo Dry Valleys

'Science Friday' highlights Antarctic hydrology work by two CU Boulder engineers

June 26, 2019

Michael Gooseff and Diane McKnight of civil, environmental and architectural engineering have spent years documenting the dramatic changes in the continent's McMurdo Dry Valleys.

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"We're essentially creating a new discipline in my lab." - Wil Srubar - Ep. 14

May 27, 2019

Wil Srubar is an assistant professor of civil, environmental and architectural engineering department at CU. Guided by the tenets of industrial ecology, his team's collective vision is to engineer next-generation infrastructure materials by blurring the boundaries between the built environment and the natural world. Materials of current interest include biodegradable polymers, phase-change materials, recycled aggregate concrete, and natural-fiber composites for green building applications.