CU Boulder engineering and applied science graduates are heavily recruited. Their excellent technical training, broad education, and hands-on experience prepares them to become assets to your company. Corporations partner with the college in many ways, including recruitment and mentoring of students, sponsoring student projects, and supporting research. Support to departments and programs enhance the quality of education we deliver and the students who enter the workforce. We would be glad to discuss ways that your company can partner us.

We emphasize active, hands-on learning, with senior design projects required in every major. Companies have many opportunities to mentor and sponsor student projects, and real-world corporate sponsored projects help provide students the bridge from undergraduate education to professional practice. There are multiple design expos during the year which showcase the work and quality of engineering students. Our office will be glad to connect you to the design project programs that best match your company’s expertise and goals.

Gift to create corporate scholarships and graduate fellowships help attract and retain the best student talent to CU Engineering. Scholarships and fellowships can be created with annual or multi-year funding, or permanently named with an endowment. 

Partner with us to build the K-12 pipeline and support students from diverse backgrounds in choosing the engineering profession. The Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity Center strives to engage and empower women, African American, Native American, Hispanic, low-income, first-generation, and other students underrepresented in the field of engineering. Our corporate relations office can help connect your company to the center and their mission. By participating in industry panels, hosting tours at your company, mentoring students in projects, or providing financial sponsorship, you can support students in their pursuit of engineering careers. 

Such gifts can make the difference between an adequate and an exceptional classroom or laboratory. Here's what to do: contact the department, program, center, or professor who might be interested in the donation; once they have determined the equipment matches the needs and requirements of their program, provide a detailed list of the donation and your estimation of the value per item; arrange a time and place for delivery; and the department will assist with approval and transfer to the university. For tax purposes, a receipt will be provided by CU.

By creating an endowment (for faculty, programs or scholarships/fellowships); companies make a lasting impact on student learning. A great example is the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program, which was created by a partnership between the company and university. The program provides working professionals with education in engineering management. Endowing a faculty position helps to ensure the continued strength of a program that is vital to industry interests.

This building houses 60+ faculty working in chemical and biological engineering and the life sciences, along with 500+ students and other researchers on East Campus. Contact us about opportunities for corporate involvement.