Published: Feb. 15, 2024

Denzil Bilson
Denzil Bilson, 2024 Alumni Engagement Medal Award recipient

Engineering Alumni Awards

2024 Alumni Engagement Medal Award recipient

Current Job and Employer: Graduate Research Assistant at CU Boulder

Current City: Boulder, CO

Professional Background

Denzil is a current GRAD CSEN-MS student and a long-time student of the BOLD Center. His journey began back in 2019 as undergraduate BOLD Scholar where he immediately demonstrated student leadership. Denzil was a stellar student and BOLD Scholar and contributed in a number of ways such as Peer Mentoring, Lead Tutoring, and student leader in the BOLD Center.

Contributions to the BOLD Center over the past year

Denzil has built many connections and relationships with students, staff, and faculty within BOLD and in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Though he finished his undergraduate coursework and student employment last year, he still engages with the BOLD Center as a Lead Volunteer Tutor and has expanded his portfolio as a TA in CSEN.