BS 2011, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder
Bioengineering Focus, Chemistry & Biochemistry Double Minor

Process Safety Engineer | Monument Chemical

My career path: After graduation, I worked for AMEC out of their Denver office.  Initially spending time in Battle Mountain, NV performing QA/QC on a gold/copper mine, after 4 months I made my way back to Denver where I worked as the only Chemical Engineer in the office.  Projects ranged from In-Situ Uranium Mining in Wyoming and SAGD oil extraction in the Canadia tar-sands, to water treatment facilities in Colorado for metal-plating and sugar-beet harvest/sugar production sites.  When the time came to move back home to Houston, I was fortunate enough to find a position at a chemical manufacturing facility for Monument Chemical.  For the past 5+ years I've been filling gaps; whether it's providing technical support to operations/production, leading capital projects, learning the ins-and-outs of the plant DCS as a process controls engineer, or diving deep into the 14 elements of PSM - I've spent every day learning, developing, and gaining experience thanks to the opportunities available at Monument.

My interest in becoming a Regional Network Ambassador: I have tremendous pride in being a Buff, and it stems from the incredible experience I had attending the CEAS in Boulder as a Chemical Engineer.  The top talent CU Boulder engineering produces places some of the most dynamic engineers in industries across the globe, and particularly in Houston - the "Mecca" for chemical engineers (at least in this hemisphere).  I've been fortunate to have worked with some of the brightest minds in the industry and have had incredible mentors along the way to help guide my career.  I feel an obligation to reach out and connect with as many CU alumni as possible and help build a strong network of engineers that can rely on each other, both professionally and personally, to help solve problems big and small.  Houston is a booming city with an explosive economy and CU should have a strong presence in the region and a reliable, robust network of influential engineers to help shape the direction of their industries.

Contact info: Email, LinkedIn