Hull shakes hands with Biden after receiving his medal

CU Boulder alum’s invention of 3D printing recognized by President Biden

Nov. 1, 2023

Charles W. Hull (EngrPhys’61) was named among the 2023 recipients of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the nation’s highest award for technological achievement.

atomic clock

Researchers to test Einstein's predictions of general relativity atop Rocky Mountains

Nov. 1, 2023

Imagine being able to measure tiny changes in the flow of time caused by Earth’s gravity with atomic clocks atop one of Colorado’s iconic peaks above 14,000 feet. That could soon be a reality thanks to a $1.9 million grant from the National Science Foundation that will advance geodesy through the use of quantum sensors, some of the most precise in the world.


CU Boulder’s AISES chapter sweeps First Nations Launch Moon Challenge 2023

Nov. 1, 2023

CU Boulder’s chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) participated in the 2023 First Nations Launch as the ‘CU Trailblazers’, winning first place in all their categories and a grand prize trip to the Kennedy Space Center.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, left, visited campus Oct. 20

CU and Sen. Michael Bennet celebrate quantum hub news, hear from students

Oct. 27, 2023

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet visited campus Oct. 20, and the trip to campus became an unexpected cause for celebration about Colorado’s place in the nation’s burgeoning quantum ecosystem. As Bennet toured JILA—a partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and one of the nation’s leading research institutes in the physical sciences—and various labs, he celebrated an announcement by Gov. Jared Polis hours earlier that the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration had designated Colorado’s Elevate Quantum consortium a Regional Technology Hub for Quantum Information Technology (QIT).

Prison bars

Colorado prisons vulnerable to natural disasters but may be ill-prepared

Oct. 26, 2023

Seventy-five percent of incarceration facilities in the state are vulnerable to wildfires, extreme heat, floods or landslides, and many are ill-equipped to handle them, new research suggests.

Western ECEDHA Group Photo 2023

ECEE hosts Western ECEDHA fall 2023 department chairs regional meeting

Oct. 23, 2023

The ECEE department welcomed several peer institution department chairs to CU Boulder for the Western Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Association (ECEDHA) fall 2023 meeting on October 19 and 20.

Esther Rolf gives a presentation

MOSAIKS: United Nations recognizes machine learning advance

Oct. 13, 2023

Esther Rolf and her research team were awarded a Digital GameChangers Award for a tool called MOSAIKS that promises to greatly increase who can access and analyze satellite data.

Woman editing code on a laptop

Computer Science department takes lead in ethics computing

Oct. 13, 2023

Without people in the room who understand the limitations of automated solutions to ethical issues the potential for downstream harm escalates, says Bobby Schnabel, a CU Boulder professor of computer science and champion for access to computing.

Joany Tisdale against the backdrop of a green to blue gradient and drawn earth with stylized energy sources

Study offers roadmap for integrating sustainability into mechanical engineering curricula

Oct. 13, 2023

A comprehensive study highlights the promising integration of sustainability within mechanical engineering (ME) programs across universities, offering a roadmap for educators aspiring to emphasize its principles in their curricula.

ATLAS research open house graphic

ATLAS Institute Research Open House 2023

Oct. 12, 2023

Free for everyone! One of twelve institutes at CU Boulder, ATLAS is home to researchers who transcend traditional disciplinary structures of engineering, design, science and art to inspire new realms of invention. We make tangible and digital tools and methods that shape how people interact with the world for a more inclusive, inspired and sustainable society. The 7th annual ATLAS Institute Research Open House is your time to get a first-hand view of the diverse and intriguing research, design and creative projects our lab teams are engaged in. This event is part of Research & Innovation Week, a celebration and showcase of research, scholarship and creative works at CU Boulder.