Women in Aerospace Symposium at CU Boulder College of Engineering

CU Boulder, MIT, and Stanford Host Women in Aerospace Symposium

May 30, 2017

The Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences is welcoming some of the nation’s best aerospace PhD students for a Women in Aerospace Symposium. The event will offer a unique opportunity for this select group of women who are interested in pursuing an academic career in aerospace, to present research and network with mentors and colleagues from across the country.

NSF award recipients

Three CU Engineering researchers earn NSF CAREER Awards

May 30, 2017

Three CU Engineering researchers have won CAREER Awards, the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious award for junior faculty. CAREER Awards provide approximately $500,000 over five years for those “who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of...

Assistant Dean for Research Bill Doe (center, holding “Beat Navy” sign) and Mike Traxler (far right – CU Office of Industry Collaboration) host the ONR contingent on campus.

Navy Science Advisors Salute CU Engineering Research

May 26, 2017

A critical and growing component of the College of Engineering and Applied Science’s work is basic and applied research in support of national security needs. Over 18 percent of the college’s current research expenditures support programs for the Army, Air Force and Navy (including the Marine Corps). As evidence of the our national reputation in defense research, the US Office of Naval...

Challenger being deployed from ISS.

CU Boulder satellite is live

May 25, 2017

QB50-Challenger deployed at 11:25pm MDT with two other QB50 satellites in the same deployer. CU Boulder's QB50 CubeSat, named "Challenger," was successfully deployed from the International Space Station on May 24th at 11:25 PM MDT. The release coming just over a month after the satellite was launched from Cape Canveral...

Lila Finch

Graduate student project illuminates science for youth

May 24, 2017

In the lobby of the Roser ATLAS Building, a nine-foot illuminated tree sculpture is lending artistic form to scientific function. A project of PhD student Lila Finch and supported by Oracle Academy, the sculpture uses colored LEDs to visually demonstrate the health of a hydroponic garden growing one floor above...

Keith Regner in front of whiteboard with strain gauage.

Part 4: Straining for Excellence

May 24, 2017

[Editor’s note: This is the final segment of a four-part series looking at the student-led Engineering Excellence Fund .] Mechanical engineering instructor Keith Regner is looking to push the College of Engineering and Applied Science toward increased student engagement in the classroom. The goal is to make abstract engineering concepts...

A rendering of the lobby renovation showing the new cafe space.

3 Things to Know About the Lobby Facelift

May 18, 2017

A rendering of the lobby renovation showing the new cafe space. If you’re working or taking summer classes in the Engineering Center, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been even harder than usual to navigate the building. The good news is, it’s only temporary! The lobby will be closed for most...

Ralph Bogle shows off the Environmental Health and Safety Building

Part 3: Waste Not, Want Not | EEF Funds Waste Disposal Project

May 18, 2017

[Editor’s note: This is part three of a four-part series looking at the student-led Engineering Excellence Fund .] Ralph Bogle, a chemical treatment specialist in Environmental Health & Safety, describes processes that occur at CU Boulder's waste management building. On the CU Boulder campus, between Coors Events Center and the...

Christy Bozic talks with an EMP student.

Gift will boost engineering management opportunities for undergrads

May 18, 2017

Christy Bozic, faculty director of the EMP undergraduate program, talks with students. When Steve Dunn (ArchEngr’69) was a student at CU Boulder, he had several summer jobs in the heavy construction field that introduced him to life in the business world. But he said plenty of his classmates didn’t get...

Chemical and Biological Engineering Professor Alan Weimer

Five questions for Alan Weimer

May 18, 2017

Maverick of industrial science shifted to academia ‘to get the fun back’ After working for nearly 17 years at Dow Chemical in Michigan, Alan Weimer thought about moving into academics. “The fun went away in industry,” he said. “The global economy hit in the late ’80s and early ’90s and...